Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Baranggay Parang launches sustained beach cleanup job

Relao (left) during a meeting with Parang store owners and entrepreneurs where they discussed how to sustain the upkeep of the village beach. – Photo courtesy of WILLIE RELAO/Facebook


BARANGGAY Parang has officially thrown its support to keep the community beach clean.
In a recent memorandum, baranggay Chairman Wilfredo G Relao has enjoined the village council officials and its employees and various community groups to participate in the daily cleanup of Parang beach.
The daily activity aims to sustain the cleanliness along the 1.5km stretch of the beach shoreline, an initiative launched early this year by the Mambulao government.
Aside from the seven puroks in the baranggay assigned to do the cleanup on rotation at least twice a week, Relao also tapped the following groups to help:
Women Fitness Club (WiFi), Fish Vendors Association of Parang, Women Association, Diwa ng Pagkakaisa, 4Ps (Pantawid Pamilya Filipino Program), Neighborhood Association, Gay Association, the Latter-Day Saints’ members and the regular bayside cleaners deployed by the Mambulao local government.
Each of these groups will form a team that will do a day-long cleanup at least twice a week.
Rubbish will be deposited at Purok 5 from where it will hauled off to the municipal dumpsite in Larap.
Recently, the baranggay committee on solid waste management met with storeowners to plan a sustained cleanup of the beach that also involved waste segregation scheme.
The store owners pledged their commitment to support this program, according to Relao.

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