Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Upcoming Pag-asa beach resort

Nasty beach reef … Two kids find a grand time picking up small shells on the beach sand of Baranggay Pag-asa in Mambulao, CamNorte. The beach has become popular among overseas Mambulaoans who are unwilling to take the troubles of boating to a famous island-resort called Kalalanay Island off the coast of Larap. Visitors, however, have complained of the many sharp-edged reef stones scattered across the bottom in the shallow bay water. Sometime last year, the Mambulao government worked to collect much of the reef stones in an effort to improve the swimming quality of the water. Many rocks are still waiting to be hauled off the bottom of the beach waters. The baranggay council who looks after the beach is reportedly raising funds from the beach entrance fees for the clearing of the “tihim-bato” all over the  beach water area. – Text by APHERNANDEZ /photo courtesy of JHUN REUYAN/MetroM

Larap fraternity donates to local schoolchildren

The Grade I schoolchildren of the Larap Elementary School (LES) show off the school materials they received from the APO/SRB fraternity recently

The members of the APO/SRB and teachers display the fraternity banner after donating school materials worth P38,000 to the Grade 1 pupils. - Photo courtesy of JOROPS ROPETA


A GROUP of former university fraternity members recently donated school materials to the Grade 1 pupils at the Larap Elementary School (LES) in Larap, Mambulao, CamNorte.

The donations worth about P38,000 benefited the schoolchildren from the four Grade 1 sections of the school.

The school materials comprising notebooks, writing pads, crayons, pencils and many others were turned over to the children last July 5.

The Alpha-Phi Omega/ Scout Royale Brotherhood (SRB) said they decided to make the donation a yearly affair.

Fraternity member Jorops Ropeta, based in Dubai, told MWBuzz in a text message the activity aimed to keep the memories of their late brothers Paul Ropeta, Benjie Basquinas, Alex Ragasa, Jaciel Ropeta and Carlo Sureta alive.

Ropeta said their late brothers initiated the gesture of donating school supplies when they were still around.

“Our group wants to perpetuate their memories by making this donation a yearly event.”

He said: “Nakauwi din ako at nakaranas na mamigay sa mga bata ng mga kailangan nilang gamit … masayang masaya kaming mga members ng brotherhood sa munting tulong na aming nagawa para kanila."

The group said they wanted to support the children to inspire them to pursue their education.

“It’s our way of showing the spirit of giving and sharing … it is also a part of our mission to give back to the community.”

Ropeta said their group comprised seven members based in Manila, the Middle East, the US and Bicol.

The rest of the members are Danny Francia, Veny Velena, Noel Bernardo Jerome Rubio, Gerry Masocol and Erwin Defeo.

Ropeta said they were members of the APO/SRB
during their university days but have maintained their association up to these days.

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Monday, 29 July 2013

Maharlika diversion road to cut travel time to Mambulao

A 1.2KM concrete diversion road will soon connect Baranggay San Pedro in Mambulao, CamNorte to the Maharlika Highway in Silang Dos in Labo town, the local government said.
Mayor Ricarte Padilla told MWBuzz earlier that this road would later serve as a diversion (short cut) for motorists bound for Mambulao or Paracale, instead of driving all the way through the Maharlika Highway till they reach Talubatib junction in Labo, before proceeding to either of the two coastal towns.
He said the detour road link would reduce travel time from the Maharlika Highway to Mambulao by more than half.
The mayor said the diversion road is nearing completion.
The LGU will do its best to cement the road from San Pedro to Mambulao to encourage motorist bound for Mambulao to use this route, he said.
This will spur economic activities along the highway, he added.
Padilla said the short cut road is one of the infrastructure initiatives of the local government under its road cementing program launched in July 2010 for the 27 baranggays of the municipality to create economic activities.
He said the LGU has secured funding for this San Pedro-Silang Dos road and for another 2km concrete road, also for San Pedro, from the Agrarian Reform Community Projects (ARCP).
The road project, which is being carried out by the provincial government, will link San Pedro to the municipal road network.
Meanwhile, the LGU has begun the electrification project in San Pedro under the “Pailaw sa Baranggay” program, with municipal funding.
It is also about to start a water facility system for the baranggay with funding from Teofisto (TG) Guingona III.
“Dito po sa ‘pailaw’ … we will do it in phase … starting with the major thoroughfareS in San Pedro … the rest of the area will follow,” Padilla said.
The LGU has also began constructing a 400m concrete farm road linking San Pedro’s Pinyahan to Purok 2.
It is hoped that the road would enhance the movement of farm produce towards the main roads, Padilla said.

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Padilla: One million trees in three years

 Newly-planted bakawan trees at the mangrove site in Pag-asa. - Photo courstesy of NOE CHRISTIAN S NOLASCO


NEWLY-reelected mayor Ricarte Padilla has launched an ambitious program to plant one million trees in about two thousand hectares in Mambulao within three years.

The initiative debuted recently at Baranggay Pag-asa, home to a vast mangrove area that has been denuded by commercial charcoal makers and firewood gatherers.

It was followed by a weekend sortie in Salvacion where 8,000 young bakawan trees were transplanted into the area’s denuded mangrove.

The first tree-planting gig was fully supported by the local council members and schoolchildren who planted young bakawan trees.

Pag-asa intends to plant more than 50,000 bakawan trees, which will be carried out twice a month, and has set up a bakawan seedling nursery to source the planting materials.

The program is being spearheaded by the Sangguniang Bayan Committees on Environmental Management and Forestry.

Under the program, the Mambulao government will tap the private sector, various non-governmental organizations, baranggay communities, schools, the tribal community of the Kabihug and relevant government agencies.

Invited to join were private firms Johson Gold Mining Corp, processor Elnar Gold Processing, Camarines Norte Electric Cooperative (Canoreco) Jose Panganiban Water District and Pan Century Surfactant. 

Among those targeted for replanting and reforestation efforts are watershed that included the areas around the Paltic Dam which supplies water to the community, denuded mangrove areas in coastal baranggays such as Santa Elena, Sta Milagrosa, Larap, Osmena and Luklukan Sur and Norte.

In fact last Sunday, about 500 volunteers trooped to Paltic Dam watershed and transplanted about 3,000 forest and indigenous trees.

Over the past two weeks close to 14,000 young trees were planted in three areas – Pag-asa, Salvacion and Paltic Dam watershed area.

Aside from mangrove trees, the program will also plant hardwood trees and fruit-bearing trees that included kakaw, sampalok, mango, santol, malingang among others.

The planting materials are being grown in a municipal nursery, which also sells young fruit trees to interested groups and individuals.

Padilla intends to push the one-million-trees target before his second term ends in 2016.

He declared: "We have more or less 44,000ha of territorial waters at Jose Panganiban, and ideally 30% of that area should be covered by mangroves so that reproduction process of our marine resources are not hindered … wala pa po sa 10% ang mangrove areas natin kaya ito po ang isa sa mga dahilan kung bakit mahina na ang huli ng ating mga mangingisda ... this may be ambitious dream, but I know we can do it! Together we can bring back a greener and cleaner Mambulao...."

The municipal seedling nursery that will supply planting materials from hardwood species to fruit-bearing trees. – Photo courtesy of ARTEM ANDAYA/Member,SB-Mambulao

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