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The "kariton" for income-generating projects. - Photo courtesy of Mambulao-LGU

THINKING of a project partnership initiative between Mambulao-LGU and Mambulaoans overseas involving the "Sulong Kabuhayan Kariton" gave me the opportunity to study how this entrepreneurship livelihood project could advance greater chance of flexibility and to look forward to other businesses expansion in the future.

Our town's gross income alone from annual tax receipts can't support the growing social services allocation to our people and therefore, such marketing creativity concepts and implementation of "Sulong Kabuhayan Kariton" are truly a welcome move to address the economic concerns of the poor sector in Mambulao.

Ms Kassandra Et Robin, an employee at Mambulao-LGU said on facebook and I quote: “Kami po ay lubusang natutuwa sapagkat nakatulong ang proyektong ito na maragdagan ang income ng ilan nating kababayan.

“Ang isa po diyan ay makapagtala ng malinis na kita na hindi bababa ng P500.00/ day ... sipag, tiyaga at suporta". 

A Mambulaoan based in Canada, Ms Mary Fe Barcoma-Dearth took note and said: " Thank you for the information. That sounds really great. I am excited sa idea and purpose. Kahit maliit ang capital, with tiyaga...merong nilaga!!”

Ms Kassandra Et Robin replied: “Opo at masayang masaya po kami doon sa isa d'yan na nagpasabi na kumita siya ng P500 sa isang araw.

“Patuloy po kaming nag mo-monitor sa progress ng project na ito. Sa kasalukuyan ay ibibigay na rin namin ang batch-2 at lahat ng applicants ay aming ini-screen. Sampung push carts po ang batch-2," Ms. Et Robin said.

What really struck me most and has given me a supportive and project-productive  -boost idea was this remark from Ms kassandra Et Robin saying: “Para po sa ating mga small scale vendor, 'yong iba po nagbebenta ng siomai, maruya ... etc … etc para po ito sa mga indigents na nais na magkaroon ng negosyo, we also offer loans for a working capital of up to P2,000. Mga indigents po ang aming target na mabigyan ng kabuhayan na ito".

Remembering my employer company’s incentive program to employees achieving sales goal on specific timetable during my working years here in the US using the five (5 )  "E"  guidelines in selling (Education, Enthusiasm, Energy, Efficiency, Endurance) and rewarding us in cash money and certificate of achievement during monthly personnel meeting, made me reaffirm its success once applied effectively to any other business ventures.

Education:  The overall description of the business

Enthusiasm:  Strong excitement of feeling (Webster Dictionary)

Energy:  Vigorous exertion of power (Webster Dictionary)

Efficiency:  Productivity without waste (Webster Dictionary)

Endurance:  The ability to withstand hardship and adversity or stress (Webster Dictionary)

Be it private or government, lending institution does have loan re-payment  terms and expiration, and I would assume that said initial working capital provided by Mambulao-LGU has one.

Since Ms Kassandra Et Robin did not mention anything specifically about it, for the sake of proper basic accounting procedure, let's assume that a loan payable of up to P2,000 has to be paid back to the Mambulao-LGU Treasury in three months from the date of loan issue.

And because the recipient is able to repay the loan in full ahead of the repayment date, business-wise, the livelihood project must be moving ahead with good results.

Instead of keeping the P2,000 loan fund idle, and therefore not earning any centavo at all, the borrower should make this money work and earn cash with which to repay this loan in full ahead of time. A quick “turn around” payment would give Mambulao-LGU the better chance to roll over said money to another borrower,  thus increase the number of beneficiaries over time through the process of "duplication”.

Mechanics on how to give incentives to early repayment of capital loan:

Thru MAMBULAOANS WORLDWIDE BUZZ online news,  Fred P Hernandez, editor-in-chief and founder and myself, Percy A Ostonal, co-founder and marketing/ advertising director, have started a funds mobilization, asking the support of Mambulaoans across the United States, Canada , Middle East, Europe, Australia and the rest of the world. 

A donation of at least US$50.00 per person (or equivalent conversion) per individual is all what we need to raise money where the Mambulao-LGU would draw the “incentive money” of P500 (each time. this will be awarded to our hard-working poor loan recipients who will do their share re-paying their loans in   record time).

For every loan settled ahead of deadline (to be determined by Mambulao-LGU-Treasury department in coordination with office of the mayor, vice-mayor and all council members), a public accounting will be posted on the municipal hall official bulletin board, which readily accessible to the public. Facebook pictures and communication would be continuously monitored.

I sent communication to Vice-Mayor Ariel Non, and thru my brother-in-law and outgoing council member, Carlos R Taboada, the vice-mayor said: "It's a reflection on Mayor Dong Padilla's leadership to his constituents".

He told Mr Taboada that because of the present busy time before the official oath taking and proclamation, he did not have a chance to read my private message and simply relied on what Mr Taboada told him about our "Sulong Kabuhayan Kariton " initiatives.

I have included my request to Vice-Mayor Non to provide us Mambulao-LGU banking account intended for direct deposits through which every donor's money transfer transaction will be TRANSPARENTLY facilitated.

We are encouraging every Mambulaoan and friends to send in your inquiry to: 

Percy A Ostonal

Alfredo P Hernandez 

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