Sunday, 28 July 2013

New completion date for Larap Seniors’ social center project: January 2014

Mrs Francisco (left) and her friend, Mrs Elvira P Hernandez, in front of the unfinished building supposed to house the Larap Seniors' social center.


MAMBULAO Mayor Dong Padilla has assured the Senior Citizens of Larap that their social center building will be completed by January 2014.

He told Mrs Franciso that the center will have its roof by October.

Padilla personally relayed this to Josefina Francisco, Larap Seniors president, during a visit at her residence in Larap recently.

The Francisco family tonight disclosed the mayor’s visit and his promise to complete the Seniors’ social center project "as soon as possible".

The social center building has remained just a shell structure since its construction work halted in 2010 when the Seniors’ association ran out of funds, which the members raised from public dances, raffle games and fund solicitations.

Mrs Francisco ... December completion wish

However, Mrs Francisco said they hope to see the center finished before Christmas.

The building project has received a P250,000 funding from Vice-President Jejomar Binay, who looks after the welfare of senior citizens through a specially created national office.

The money amounting to P500,000 was requested by Padilla from Binay early last year.

The other half of the funds will be used to build another social center for the Seniors at Luklukan Sur.

Meanwhile, the road cementing project has already reached Sparline, past the concrete bridge.

Padilla had earlier promised to complete the Larap road concreting project before the year ends.
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