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Security: Mambulao’s major concern these days


A GRAVE concern over security has been the staple of Facebook postings since last week among Mambulaoans, both overseas and those in town.

The deluge of outraged comments was sparked by three incidents of armed robberies last Thursday night at sitio Tumbaga, San Rafael just outside of Mambulao town proper.

They were more incensed over reports that the local police did not bother to send a team to investigate, despite a request for such after it was reported at the police headquarters in town.

Rodel Bang Occiano, who is based in Taytay, Rizal, said his sibling’s family in Tumbaga, San Rafael, just outside of Mambulao town proper, was among the three families held up by armed, bonnet-wearing, hooded men.

Occiano posted a brief report on the incident on the Facebook account of Jose Panganiban, CamNorte.

He said the suspects broke into the house of his sibling and took everything of value.

Occiano described the men as “wielding firearms and wearing bonnet-hoods”.

“Mata lang po nila ang nakikita,” he said, quoting a member of his family whom he talked to over the cellphone.

“Ngayon lang po nangyari ito sa aming lugar … sana po maaksyunan ng kapulisan ang insidente…(this was the first time it happened in our area … I appeal to the local police to do something about the incident.”

Occiano said in follow up postings: “Hindi ko po alam kung bakit walang police na pumunta (I did not know why police did not come to investigate).

“Ang sabi po ng mga pulis (in Mambulao) matapos na ireport kagabi sa headquarters ay: “bahala na raw po ang mga tanod na magronda”.

Occiano said he learned from his family that the local police beefed up its check points along the baranggay road from Sta Rosa, Norte.

“But my point is that the police should have sent a team to investigate the incident … that’s the first job they have to do…”

He said he did not believe that the local unit of the New People’s Army in CamNorte had something to do with the robbery.

Earlier reports had it that a similar modus operandi – armed men wearing bonnets --- was carried out by culprits in Gumaus, a baranggay at the neighboring town of Paracale, which shares borders with Barangay Tedi.

Most victims of break-and-enter were families of overseas workers, according to some postings.

Facebookers suspected that the incident was linked to the nearing baranggay (village) election.

“Maaring malalaking tao ang involved dito para may pang-finance sila sa kanilang mga kandidato para sa baranggay chairman… kung totoong linked ito sa eleksyon,” says one Facebooker, who is using the name “Kasandra Et Robin”.

Rhea Gallardo Bagapuro posted in mocking tone: Kulang sa dunong po anu ang mga pulis… patabaing baboy … ala mga silbi… very funny sila.. sweldo lang ang inaatupag…

Saul Bermas posted an appeal: “Parang awa na ng mga pulis kahit ngayon lang umakyat sila ng San Rafael para maimbestigahan nila ang kaso… hindi na biro ang mga nangyayari ngayon … nakakabahala na…”

Richard R Grutas posted: “Sana nga makarating ang ating kapulisan diyan sa San Rafael… hindi na sila maglalakad pa tulad ng dati …ngayon pwede nang gumamit ng sasakyan .. hindi na mahirap puntahan ang lugar na ito… bigyan naman ng pansin yan kahit malayo sa bayan … sana ang mungkahi ng taong-bayan ay tugunan…”

Baguio City-based Nvr Rodelas observed in his posting that “we don’t have that much police force to cover the whole of JP (Jose Panganiban) … yung iba ginagamit pang security ng mga (gold mining) financiers.”

He also suggested the creation of baranggay ronda (village roaming security team).

Facebooker Chelsie Ramiel expressed his surprise: Madami na palang nangyayari diyan sa ating bayan…”

He advised residents to take extra precaution always…”

Some Facebookers suspected that the culprits could be those who settled in Mambulao with no regular source of income and were allegedly engaged in criminal activities.

Facebookers have suggested that there should be more police visibility in crime-prone areas across the municipality to be complemented by baranggay ronda teams, especially at night, who will check every unidentified individuals seen in the area.

Mambulao is estimated to have more than 50,000 residents spread across the municipality’s 27 baranggays.

On the other hand, the local unit of the Philippine National Police (PNP) has about 20 men who work in shifts.

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Mambulao co-op gears up for CDA registration

Mrs Mariano addressing the workshop participants.

Seminar participants reciting their oath of allegiance before the session began.

From left: MMPC BOD chairman Arthur Canlas ; JP Primary Hospital Service Cooperative Treasurer - Maricel Isagani; Mrs. Ybarola , MMPC treasurer - Elsie Dimaunahan; JP Primary Hospital Service Cooperative BOD chairman / MCDC chairman  Mrs Priscilla Mariano; and JP National High School MMPC member of the board Mr Rodelas. – Pictures courtesy of MMPC


THE Mambulao Multi-Purpose Cooperative (MMPC) is gearing up towards registration with the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA).

On Thursday last week, the co-op held the first of the series of seminars for members to acquaint them on the workings of the cooperative movement and how it would benefit members.

The first-ever seminar was one of the requirements for the co-op’s registration with the CDA.

Held at the Seneres Building at North Poblacion, the workshop was attended by 16 Mambulao-based members, who paid P200 each to cover snacks and seminar materials.

It was conducted by the Mambulao Municipal Cooperative Development Council (MCDC) under the guidance of its chairman Priscilla Mariano, also the chairman of the board of the Jose Panganiban Primary Hospital Service Cooperative.
Elsie Dimaunahan, co-op treasurer, said they requested the MCDC to conduct the seminar for its members to complete their requirements for CDA registration under the Cooperative Code of 2008 (Republic Act 9520).

“CDA required us to provide the pre-membership education seminar (PMES) … Mrs Mariano supervised it because she is the MCDC chairman with accreditation to do this.”

In a brief remark, Mrs Mariano told the participants that many co-ops failed because their members did not have enough knowledge on the cooperative movement.

“If the members would know more about how a co-op functions by attending seminars, they won’t think that the money they invested into it was solely to earn (dividends) … they would also know that they are there to help others.”
“Cooperative is service,” Mrs Mariano stressed.

The participants, who received certificates of attendance, are the following.

Arthur Canlas, Elsie Dimaunahan, Rosevel Del Rosario, Luz Indionela, Ruben Espana, Sheila Sain, Fe Santiago, Virginia Malagueno, Dominacion Pereyra, Jane Ramos, Kenneth Dimaunahan, Jerrime Alpapara, Tito Valencia, Raymundo Rodelas, Bernadeth Cabutotan and Lorna Padua.

MMPC was formed to help members prepare for the future through income from their investment and at the same time generate jobs for the less-privileged kababayan.

MMPC is the first proposed consumer cooperative organized by overseas workers and locally-based Mambulaoans to be formed in at least two decades.

As of last week, the co-op has 13 overseas and 55 locally-based incorporators.

Jessie Obrero Lumapag, the co-op’s prime mover, said that more Mambulaoans have signified intentions to join the organization.

Inquiries should be coordinated with Dimaunahan (Elsie Dimaunahan) or Lumapag (Jessie Obrero Lumapag) by sending either of them a private message (PM) through their Facebook accounts.

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240,000 bakawan planted in two months

A villager who participated in the mangrove planting gig carries young bakawan planting shoots. - Photo courtesy of ARTEM ANDAYA 


THE Mambulao government’s tree planting program set up a total of 240,000 bakawan trees in five municipal mangrove areas during the past two months since it was launched last July 21.

For September alone, the exercise saw the transplant of 66,200 propagule seedlings.

Councilor Artem Andaya, who has been tasked to spearhead the replanting, said there were five gigs held last month, involving the local government, barangay councils, various community organizations and residents.

Notably, the tribal community of Kabihug had also participated actively in the tree planting activities in Sitio Kalibigahu in Baranggay Osmena.

The mangrove planting gigs were held in Pag-asa, where 15,000 trees were planted last Sept 6; Kalabihagu, 19,000 (Sept 7); Dahican, 20,000 (Sept 14); Salvacion, 6,000 (Sept 14) and Calero, 6,200 (Sept 14).

The first month of the tree-planting program saw some 173,800 bakawan seedlings invading the denuded mangrove areas of the five baranggays.

Andaya said that the tree-planters included the Mambulao government’s officials and employees; baranggay councils led by their respective chairmen; SPACFI-IC Partner Families; Bantay-Dagat of Mambulao; Pantawid Pamilya Beneficiaries; Pag-asa Elementary School, Yes-O Club; CNSC-JP Campus.

He said he is appealing for sponsorships of tree-planting materials that would soon cover the denuded upland areas and forests around the municipality.

“It costs only one peso to sponsor one planting material,” Andaya said, adding that the fund would go to the cost of fertilizer, bagging materials, insecticides and maintenance of the municipal nursery for bakawan and other tree species.

Recently, online newstunnel MWBuzz donated more than P30,000 towards the propagation of new seedlings.

MWBuzz raised the money from the donations of  Mambulaoans based in the US, Canada, Middle East and elsewhere in the Philippines.

The tree-planting program targets one million trees – bakawan and upland tree-species – to be planted in three years, covering 2,000ha across the municipality.

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Saying goodbye to competitive running

The route where the marathon will take.


TO my fellow batch "66 and friends:

My physical and mental training and preparation for the 35th Detroit Free Press Marathon this coming October 20, 2013, of which I am running the race (13.1m or 21.1km kilometers ) is just less than three  weeks away.
 Percy A Ostonal ... time to quit the race

And for the last time, after 42 years of non-competitive and competitive running in the Philippines in the 70s, Saudi Arabia 1980-1984 and in the state of Michigan, USA up to this date, I finally decided to retire from this physical fitness program I loved most. 

It's a pleasure sharing with you my advocacy of being fit, healthy, agile, sound body and mind as you enjoy continued functional activities, productivity and quality of life.

Foremost to my family, I would like to dedicate this LAST RUN and FINISHING KICKS to all of you!!!