Monday, 30 September 2013

Saying goodbye to competitive running

The route where the marathon will take.


TO my fellow batch "66 and friends:

My physical and mental training and preparation for the 35th Detroit Free Press Marathon this coming October 20, 2013, of which I am running the race (13.1m or 21.1km kilometers ) is just less than three  weeks away.
 Percy A Ostonal ... time to quit the race

And for the last time, after 42 years of non-competitive and competitive running in the Philippines in the 70s, Saudi Arabia 1980-1984 and in the state of Michigan, USA up to this date, I finally decided to retire from this physical fitness program I loved most. 

It's a pleasure sharing with you my advocacy of being fit, healthy, agile, sound body and mind as you enjoy continued functional activities, productivity and quality of life.

Foremost to my family, I would like to dedicate this LAST RUN and FINISHING KICKS to all of you!!!

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