Thursday, 19 September 2013

EXTRA! MWBuzz raises P33,000 for tree project in Mambulao


THE online news tunnel Mambulaoans Worldwide Buzz (MWBuzz) has raised more than P33,000 for the tree-planting program of the local government of Mambulao in CamNorte.

The amount of P30,743 was wired to the bank account of the local government with the Daet branch of the Philippine National Bank.

Another amount of P3,000 from two donors based in Saudi Arabia was turned over to the LGU’s Office of the Treasurer and earmarked as donations towards Mayor Ricardo “Dong” Padilla’s tree-planting program.

The MWBuzz fundraising supports Padilla’s program, which targets one million bakawan and upland trees in three years, covering at least 2,000 hectares of denuded mangrove areas and mountain tops.

MWBuzz’s initiative was carried out by Percy A Ostonal, advertising and marketing director/co-founder, who is based in Michigan, and Alfredo P Hernandez, editor-in-chief and founder, of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

The donors are based in the US, Canada, Middle East and in the Philippines
The planting activities are being spearheaded by Councilor Artemio Andaya, who carried out several tree-planting gigs over the past 15 weeks starting July.

Already, more than 100,000 bakawan trees were transplanted to the mangrove areas of baranggays Pag-asa, Salvacion and Sta Milagrosa and to the denuded areas in baranggay Luklukan.

The project is being supported by baranggay councils and residents, private groups, environment-friendly non-governmental organizations, locally-based and overseas Mambulaoans.

Notably, the project had also involved the active participation of the members of the Kabihug community at baranggay Osmena.

MWBuzz continues to appeal for sponsors towards the seedling nursery, in which the growing of one planting material costs only one peso.

Ostonal, in praising the donors, said: “Repairing the mangrove (bakawan ) eco-system in our town with community involvement (in partnership with the local government) showcases the unifying efforts of our residents today towards environmental conservation and protection.”

In a private message to Mayor Padilla, Ostonal said: “I am pleased to inform you, Honorable Mayor Ricarte "Dong” Padilla, that my good friend and fellow co-founder of MWBuzz, Mr Fred P Hernandez and myself have finally reached our partnership initiatives in worldwide fund mobilization among our overseas Mambulaoans in US, Canada and seven other parts of the world towards the JP-LGU and community "Piso para sa Puno Replanting Project Appeal”

“Our emerging collective and dynamic bonds of solidarity regardless of where we are remain at heart and thus, inspire us all to be of service to that place we call our real HOME – Mambulao.

“Worthwhile ecological and environmental activities such as mangrove re-planting and rehab is truly laudable and give us sense of pride as Mambulaoans!!!!!”

Those who wish to sponsor the nursery activity in coordination with WMBuzz may send the funds to:

Trust Fund of LGU Jose Panganiban, Camarines Norte
PNB (Daet) Branch Account No. 216592600022

Please furnish-email MWBuzz a scanned copy of your remittances so we will have a proof of your sponsorship.

It would also serve as the basis for MWBuzz’s news report on tree-planting donations update.

Our tree-planting donors:

1) In memory of deceased mambulaoan, Virginia Beach, Virginia USA - $50.00

2) Mr & Mrs. Edgar M Aler & family, Northridge, California - $50.00

3) Anonymous Mambulaoan family donor, Jersey city, New Jersey - US$200

4) In memory of deceased Mambulaoan, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, -US$50

5) Anonymous Mambulaoan donor, Anchorage , Alaska -US$50

6) "Mr Salamat po sa Mambulao”, Toronto, Canada - US$50

7)  Mr and Mrs Ernie “Manoy Ernie/Manay Mary’ Pena, Pennsylvania – US$50

8) Jessie Obrero Lumapag, Saudi Arabia – Php2,000

9) Theudy Francisco, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – Php1,000

10) Mr. & Mrs. Ricardo Espana and family (New York, USA) – US$60

11) Mr Alfredo (Fred/Freddie) P Hernandez, Papua New Guinea, (MWBUZZ editor-in-chief and founder - US$100

12) Mr and Mrs Percy A Ostonal, MWBuzz advertising and marketing director - US$50.00

A pledge of US$15 a month for the next 12 months (US$180) came in from an anonymous California-based donor.

For feedback, email: and

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