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Obituary: Elmer Santos - April 22, 1949 - Sept 5,2013

Remembering Emi's game of basketball


Michigan, USA

MEMBERS of the JPHS class of 1966 were dulled by pain and reddened by tears.

Through Facebook, Ms Tessie Ebriega-Escuadro informed everyone of the demise of our elementary and high school classmate, Elmer "Emi " Delica Santos.

He died from myocardial infarction more commonly known as heart attack last Friday evening (September 5) at their residence in Parang, Jose Panganiban.

He was 64.

Our hearts broke and some of us had difficulty accepting our loss.

From Metro Manila and parts of the Philippines to Europe, Canada, United States and that of Nadjaran, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, his batch mates were all one in saying "what a good person he was" in so many ways.

What I can say about Elmer:

As Mr. Basketball:

"Ala ‘Florencio’ yan si Elmer", noted one basketball fanatic during those colorful Mambulao pre-fiesta basketball tournaments in the mid-60s.

He was well known with his much calculated ball handling prowess,  innate ability to cut inside the shaded lane, take right or left hands acrobatic shooting fakes , then with razor-blade opening , take a  mid-air" twisting lay-up and create that scoring precision at will.

He was an excellent  "decoy " and passer that made their predominant scorer, the late Robert Leona  (batch '66) scored his goals amazingly beautiful and awesome .

Both of them wore the uniform of titlist Zarto's Tailoring against the formidable oppositionists Leb's Tailoring , Barrio Parang selection, PIM best and the notoriously good baskeball shooters from Paracale. 

At 5' 5", Elmer represented JPHS during the CamNorte Provincial Athletics Meet in Daet, between 1964-1966.

He was always part of the "starting five" and played as guard-forward.

At one point, he was selected along with his  teammates from JPHS, namely the late Leopoldo Albis  Jovenal Aquino and Josefino Sayno to represent the province of CamNorte to Bicol Regional Athletic meet with Daet hosting a week-long sports competition and delegations coming from the provinces of CamSur, Albay, Sorsogon, Catanduanes and Masbate. 

Elmer was always and truly a gentleman "on and off" the court that not a single time during his basketball career that he was involved in any trouble or fight in and out of court.

To JP basketball tournament steering committee 2013 JP Fiesta celebration on Oct 7:

To honor Elmer's memory, it would be nice and befitting to give him a simple recognition and a silent moment prayer during the opening of Jose Panganiban 2013 Pre-Fiesta basketball tournament.

 To our dear classmate and friend Elmer:


Though your smile is gone forever

and your hand we cannot touch

Still we have so many memories

Of the one we loved so much

Your memory is our keepsake

with which we will never part

God has you in his keeping

We have you in our hearts.

It is sad to walk the road alone

Instead of side by side

But to all there comes a moment

When the ways of life divide,

You gave us years of happiness

Then came sorrow and tears,

But you left us beautiful memories,

We will treasure through the years.

 - Unknown

Farewell, Kaibigang Elmer!!

*Danny Zoleta Florencio was a  college basketball great and standout having played for UST Glowing Goldies in the mid-60s . Some of his well-known teammates included George Lizares and  Lawrence Mumar. He played for the multi-titled Crispa Redmanizers in the MICAA in the early 70s. He was Crispa's most prized possession. Florencio was known so much of his twisting hang time layup and was considered one of the greatest human highlight during that basketball era. Other broadcasters called him “Daredevil Danny" because of his dreaded offensive style … he was born on Sept 5, 1947 in Manila. -Courtesy of Wikipedia

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