Monday, 30 September 2013

The teacher as community extension worker

Teacher 3

Bato National High School

San Vicente, Bato, Camarines Sur

IN GENERAL, extension service is the process by which technology and innovation are transferred to an identified clientele with the ultimate objective of improving the way of life of the people.

Then Senate President Marcelo B. Fernan defined extension service as a concept that encompasses people empowerment and human resource development geared towards human capital enhancement, and technology and facilities diffusion among the “masang” Pilipino, if not the poorest of the poor.

Extension service projects serve as venues for the people, by the people, and of the people, should by itself be initiating, capitalizing and sustaining approach to community development.

Teachers as community leaders should understand the skills and characteristics needed to serve their communities and that community growth and prosperity are linked to a strong leadership network composed of the principal, the teachers, parents and students.

Through innovative leadership, building community connections teachers lead the language and process community building that provides extension participants with the opportunity to:

a)    Build their leadership skills
b)    Increase their awareness of community issues;
c)    Network with other leaders; and
d)    Become more engaged in community, civic, and governmental activities.

The school should maintain harmonious relationship with the various sectors of the community particularly the local government officials, the non government organizations, the local business groups, the community professionals, and the residents.

Every school’s educational philosophy, programs and services should be made known to the community. It should share its resources with the community.

The school’s commitment to community service and development should be expressed in programs, projects and activities, which are well planned, organized, implemented, evaluated and supported by the school and other available resources.

Teachers in the community are the best means of promoting community and local development which precedes national development.

 Schools should be community-directed and passionate to promote the welfare of the community thru extension and outreach services.

Schools with teachers who are committed to effecting local development through projects and programs of extension can partner with industry, non-government organizations and national agencies for resource generation to implement their specific action plans for community extension.

The teacher can provide the community with encouragement for further motivation to pursue extension and outreach work. 

Local government units need the assistance of schools and its teachers to make extension services successful. - Bicol Mail

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