Sunday, 28 July 2013

Community assimilation …

Community assimilation … these schoolchildren of the Kabihug tribe residing at a mountaintop sitio at Baranggay Osmena are gradually getting used to the presence of people from outside of their small community. In a recent picture, the children are seen having a grand time posing for a snap with the officials of the government of Mambulao led by Mayor Ricarte Padilla (center, in checkered blue shirt). A non-government organization (NGO) regularly visits the Kabihug community to see how they are doing and to gift them with items they would need in their households. Life for the Kabihug families is turning out well. In fact, they now have a sari-sari store right in their village catering to their daily needs just like those of their counterparts in the lowlands. Operated by one of the families, the store has spared Kabihug mothers of a long walk down the mountain to buy their provisions at a store in town. The sari-sari story was provided by an NGO to help the community get used to the ways of life of the lowlanders – Photo courtesy of ARTEM ANDAYA, SB member, Mambulao LGU

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