Monday, 1 July 2013

Aler family distributes goodies to Mambulao indigents

Indigents from Mambulao’s 27 baranggays falling in line for the goodies.

Dr Edgar Aler (second from left) talking to the recipients of his outreach project. - Picture courtesy of the ALER FAMILY


A MAMBULAOAN family based in California recently distributed goodies to the indigent families in Mambulao, CamNorte.

Led by Dr Edgar Aler, the outreach initiative targeted 20 indigent families from each of the municipality’s 27 baranggay.

Aler has partnered his friends in the produce business in Los Angeles, California to raise the goodies that included foodstuff contained in yellow and green grocery bags.

A total of 540 families benefited from the project.

The 20 beneficiaries from each of the baranggays were randomly selected form the lists provided by the Department of Social Welfare in Mambulao.

The lists were given to the 27 baranggay captains, who distributed the claim tickets to the beneficiaries.

The distribution was held at the function hall of the Hotel Apolonia on Sunday, June 30 from 2pm to 5pm.

Dr Aler said: "I can only do one thing in my lifetime  to inspire others   to do the same and that is, if they can share their material blessings to our less fortunate kababayans and have a nice and sound sleep at night..... that's what really counts" .

This social non-profit organization is based in Los Angeles, California with other notable community projects such as scholarship program, youth leadership training, cultural and social awareness. 

With available resources and medical volunteers, MINA through his leadership conducted medical mission in our town in 2010 in order to spread Mabulawenos friendship and spirit of being "kababayans in distant land.

This was the second time Dr Aler held this project.

He is the president of MINA (Mambulenos in North America) and is residing in Northridge, California.


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