Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Parang beach comes alive!

Celebration … A kiosk was put up at the beach of Parang in preparation for the village’s feast of San Atonio de Padua, last Friday, June 13. The local baranggay said the kiosk also aimed to celebrate the success in rehabilitating the beach from a rubbish dumping ground to a wholesome stretch of beach sand (see picture below), which involved the local government of Mambulao and members of the community. The beach debuted its new, wholesome look on Easter Sunday 2014.  – Photos courtesy of WILLIE RELAO/Facebook


  1. nice mambulenos..proud to be panganiban

  2. tnx resty for your feedback... we are all proud to be mambulaoans... cheers! give it another 10 months and the beach will be very good... that's the promise dong padilla made to me...