Friday, 3 May 2013

EDITORIAL: Political maturity in Mambulao

WE COULD assume that by now, the two contending political parties in Mambulao should have each covered more than half of the 27 baranggays in the municipality.

The remaining days towards Election Day would be crucial for both parties and the daily house-to-house campaigns and the nightly campaign sorties are aimed at piling up votes for their respective candidates for the Sangguniang Bayan posts.

The slate led by incumbent mayor Ricarte “Dong” Padilla and the Liberal Party spearheaded by former three-term mayor William A Lim, who is seeking the post of the vice-mayor this time, are like a fine-toothed comb that is raking across every purok in every baranggay to ensure that every voter and potential voters have been covered.

In the two nights of campaigns witnessed by MWBuzz – one held by Padilla’s team at Sitio Patiao at the poblacion, and the other by LP held at Purok 5 in Parang – it was very clear that the children were the predominant audience.

But the few who milled around the square where the campaigning politicians sat could easily be ascertained as enthusiastic voters awaiting the good news from both parties.

And the good news they were waiting for concerned jobs, education, healthcare, peace and order and most especially good governance.

Speaking before the folks at Sitio Patiao, Padilla immediately went in for the kill. 

He told the people that he recognized Walim’s offer of support towards achieving his development platform should he get elected as the vice-mayor and thanked him for the gesture.

However, Padilla made it clear that the job Walim was aiming at is already being worked perfectly by the incumbent vice-mayor Ariel “Aye” Non and that their tandem is the perfect mixed, alongside a complete slate from his party’s Sanguniang Bayan candidates, that could effectively push further the on-going development program in Mambulao.

Padilla made it clear that the past three years which represented his first term with Non and the six administration SB members have delivered what the people expected them to do.

“We need some more time to realize all this,” Padilla said as he appealed to the voters for a total support so that the eight administration candidates could be elected.

By now, Mambulao voters should have known the significance of voting straight in favour of the administration’s SB candidates and that by doing so, they are simply giving them their vote of confidence. 

Padilla explained the importance of a municipal council that is working in perfect harmony towards one ultimate goal – continuous development efforts and sustained progress – something that could never be achieved in Mambulao if the SB is peopled by those with opposing agenda.

“I appeal to my kababayan to give me a Sanguniang Bayan whose members come from my (political) family ... it is an assurance that progress in Mambulao could proceed smoothly as envisioned.”

In his recent night sortie at Purok 5 in Parang, a vote-rich baranggay that could deliver the winning votes, Walim pledged an all-out support to all development agenda of unopposed Padilla.

He quickly denied earlier reports in MWBuzz that he will derail Padilla’s development plans should he get the winning votes against incumbent Ariel.

He said that the SB candidates in his slate would do the same as every politician worth their salt should always work for the good of the majority.

Recognizing that a number of items in their party platform were already being covered by Padilla’s development push, Walim said what they are offering to the people of Mambulao would further boost the benefits from emerging progress in the municipality.

The vice-mayoral contender was trying to point out that caring for the people should not be a monopoly of the current administration.

Walim was mayor for three terms and a vice-mayor for one term on the side.

The night’s master of ceremonies (MC) patronized the listeners by saying that Walim humbled himself by opting not to confront Padilla head-on so he could proceed smoothly with his development projects.

“It’s a clear sign that Walim is also after the progress of the municipality.”

These days, the people of Mambulao are asking why Walim wants to go back to public service.

Is there something important that he forgot along the way that he wants to come back and pick it up?

MWBuzz detractors are pushing the idea that putting Walim back in power, alongside his eight SB aspirants, is a sign of the people’s political maturity.

“Ito’y tanda lang ng isang matalinong pagboto.”

They can say that again but MWBuzz begs to disagree.

- Alfredo P Hernandez

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  1. Everybody knows the outcome if a vice mayor that does not belong to the party of the mayor wins...