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Potential investment ...  Another group of Chinese investors this time is looking at putting millions of US dollars in the economic zone in Larap. Two executives of the still unidentified Chinese company recently met Mambulao Mayor Ricarte (Dong) Padilla at his residence to discuss a project that aims to process minerals at the EZ. The prospective investors will set up a plant to process earth materials to be sourced at a quarry at Napaod, Labo, Cam Norte. Padilla has invited the two Chinese executives for a tour of an export processing zone (EPZ) in Cavite after which they would execute a memorandum of understanding (MOU) regarding the proposed project. The company will export the processed minerals that included gold, copper and iron to mineral–hungry industries in China.

Political family … (From left) Roy Padilla IV (aka Cuatro); Vice-Mayor Ariel (Aye) Non; vice-gubernatorial candidate Boy Padilla; and Mayor Ricarte (Dong) Padilla … two of them are targets of assassination plots.  

Vice-mayor and re-electionist Ariel (Aye) Non stresses a point during a night sortie at sitio Patiao, in Mambulao recently. Despite death threats, he continues to come out in meetings with voters to explain their development program that he says has to continue progressively and this could be possible only if the people would vote straight in favor of the eight Sangguniang Bayan candidates under the "Dong-Aye" tandem.

Security concerns ... Roy Padilla (Casimiro Jr), who is running for the seat of the vice-governor in CamNorte (NUP) was reliably tipped off by the intelligence community that he is a target by a black motorcycle-riding gunmen. The alleged hit men were earlier caught by a CCTV at the vicinity of Padilla’s residence, who were also observed by the candidate’s security men while moving around the area. The intel group has described how the suspects looked and were being profiled. Jose Panganiban Vice-Mayor Ariel (Aye) Non, who is seeking re-election, has the same concern. A group of alleged gunmen were monitored to have been casing his residence. Earlier, his former residence in Parang was sprayed with automatic bullets by still unidentified gunmen one early dawn. That time, the house was being occupied by his parents-in-law. Aye suspects that the same group is trying to carry out a hit, sponsored by someone reportedly known to the vice-mayor. Roy Padilla suggested that he armed himself and beefed up his security and that of his family. Padilla also urged Aye to install a better type of close-circuit TV, similar to what he has at his home. However, Aye would hear none of it, and instead suggested an option to expose the plot. MWBuzz was present at a closed-door meeting that devised a plan to forestall the threats. Aye, in a campaign sortie at Sitio Patiao later, revealed the plot to the public. The question Padilla and Non were asking: Who will benefit politically in case either of them is killed?

Bayong King ... Every time Tres Panganiban spoke in LP’s nightly sortie around Mambulao, he was armed with a prop – a bayong. He told the audience that he would win with votes he will amass using the “bayong”. In a lengthy oration that put some of his SB colleague-candidates to near-sleep, Panganiban promised to provide free education to the less-privileged youth of Mambulao. What the listeners remembered most often was about his being a top-notch student of UP Los Banos and student leader. He hinted that he would rock the SB floor during a council debate.

SB candidate Artem Andaya … more benefits for Mambulao’s senior citizens.

Promises to senior citizens ... Pushing for a better welfare for the elderly in Mambulao, SB candidate Artem Andaya has pledged for wider pension coverage for indigent senior citizens. As of now, indigent senior citizens from 77 and above are entitled to a P1,500 pension every quarter, or P500 a month, which would pay for their medicines and other personal needs. The pension is provided under a law that promotes the welfare of senior Filipino citizens.  Andaya told a group of potential voters during a night campaign sortie at Purok 5 in Parang, that not all of those indigents in Mambulao aged 77 and above are getting the monetary benefits. He also pledged to work an ordinance that would provide a toilet to all households along Parang beach, as one way to help rehabilitate the shoreline after being inundated with community rubbish from plastic materials to human excreta. A local tourism advocate, Andaya said putting Mambulao on the local tourism map would benefit the local people economically and pledged to help the tourism initiatives of the municipal government under Mayor Ricarte “Dong” Padilla.

Re-electionist Mayor Ricarte (Dong) Padilla … some more time needed to complete his development program.

Vice-mayoral candidate William A Lim aka Walim … full support to Mayor Ricarte Padilla’s program for progress. – All MWBuzzpics by AP HERNANDEZ

Numbers game ... Voters living along the Parang shoreline told MWBuzz that they never understood the significance of voting straight for Mayor Ricarte Padilla’s Sanguniang Bayan candidates until this blogger explained. “Ang madalas po naming marinig sa mga nangangapanya dito ay ganito: Supurtahan po natin si Dong Padilla para maging tuloy- tuloy ang pag-unlad sa ating bayan ... ngayon lang po namin nadinig ang mga ganitong paliwanag ninyo sa amin kung bakit mahalaga ang straight voting o ang mas nakararaming myembro ng konseho na galing sa linya ni Meyor Dong ... tama po kayo ... kung iboboto nga si Meyor Dong pero hindi naman po matibay ang pundasyon ng kanyang bahay na ang katumbas ay ang mas nakararaming miyembro mula sa kanyang listahan, eh seguradong babagsak din siya.” One resident said that it would be difficult for them to vote straight as this would mean sacrificing a candidate from Parang who belongs to the Liberal Party. Para po sa amin, hindi na kailangan pa naming lumayo para magkaroon lang ng isang konsehal na tutulong sa aming mga pangangailangan bagama’t hindi po siya kabilang sa mga tao ni mayor. Pero kung kinakailangan po na isakripisyo namin ang mga pabor mula sa kanya na magtatagal lamang naman ng tatlong taon ng kanyang panunungkulan kapalit ng mga benipisyong tatanggapin ng mas nakararaming taga-Mambulao mula sa maunlad na bayan, ay papayag po kaming mag-straight voting.” He was amazed to know that the real battle for progress takes place on the floor of the municipal council because it is here were proposals for development are either passed by the SB members or voted down over one reason or the other. And since the role of the opposition is to fiscalize, which actually means “to block, to oppose or to thwart” any image-enhancing program forwarded by the incumbent administration, a majority number from the Liberal Party headed by William A Lim would always aim to stop or frustrate any initiatives for progress. They would not jeopardize Mambulao-LP’s interest by allowing the administration to soar high with its people-focused projects.

P1,000 per head ... The on-going rate for one vote in Daet a few days ago was P1,000, courtesy of the moneybags from the Kapitolyo. It only shows how desperate incumbent provincial governor Edgardo Egay Tallado is in his bid to cling to power. He may not have the funds, but his “friends” do – businesses that are just too willing to help in the name of business survival. What do you do if the Kapitolyo’s top guy tells you not to supply the building materials needs of his rivals in politics? What does a rival who’s trying build an infrastructure for one beneficiary community do if the cement supplier tells him that he was ordered to hold his deliveries to your project? Sort of economic sabotage, you see. P1,000 per vote seems too small right now when compared to the money it would become on polling day. A source from Daet said one moneybag was spending at the rate of P7 million a day to cover the votes. But it’s not really a problem when recouping it. The money in the cookie jar is just too massive and ready for the taking to worry about the daily cost of buying votes. But the capitol seat has to be won at all cost. And the money to spend doesn’t matter much this time - it's the seat, stupid.

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