Friday, 3 May 2013

Tiangge time in Mambulao

Enticing displays of freshly harvested vegetables on offer at the Mambulao tiangge.

Story and pictures by ALFREDO P HERNANDEZ

FROM Saturday afternoon to Sunday, heaps of vegetables, fruits and many other farm produce as well as fish products, are displayed at a flea market in Mambulao, just next to the public wet market.

To the local consumers, it’s one big moment to save on most of their weekly buying – from their favorite da-ing” and tuyo to ripe fruits such as banana and papaya, foodstuff that could sell at higher prices in other markets in the province.

On the other hand, the two-day farm produce fair is also a chance for local farmers and those from other areas to cash on in on their weekly harvests.

Obviously, the prices of the produce are very much lower than those offered on ordinary days.

One market-goer was told that the laman ng gabi she picked cost P35 for a bunch of three, but the she bargained P30. She got it.

Actually, a number of vendors wouldn’t mind giving away P2 to P5 difference between their prices and the buyers’ offer, knowing that they would make more by selling in big volumes.

That’s why it was called tiangge, a bargain fair.

The weekly affair also makes the local tricycle boys busy, shuttling home market goers loaded with goodies.

To the local government, it’s another source of revenue in the form of stall tariffs although the take won’t be that much, but revenue just the same.

A number of stall owners here used to do their business in Labo’s traditional Sunday market.

But stiff competition has forced them to move to Mambulao where business turned out to be a lucrative one, so far.

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  Mouth-waterin tuyo and da-ing, common staples at the flea market.

Mangoes, although not the Jumbo variety from Cebu, remain among the best-selling items.

A vendor prepares her wares before market-goers invade her corner.

Bananas of all kinds and pineapples come straight from farms on the outskirts of Mambulao.

An elderly woman takes her time picking her favorite fruit – yellow mangoes. Carrots, potatoes and peanuts are also on offer.

One reason why consumers would flock to the flea market – freshly harvested vegetables.
The weekend tiangge generates good business for tricycle operators. - MWBuzzpics by ALFREDO P HERNANDEZ

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  1. This is a healthy sign that economy is alive and growing....