Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Opinion: Doing away with election

Today's crop of lawmakers is a far cry from what we used to have decades ago. - FACEBOOKPIC


LET'S abolish elections!

They have not delivered to the people and nation the promised ultimate good.

We have been suffering the cancer from bad elections since the 50s. They had just spawned corrupt politicians and corrupt individuals and drained out people's money one after another.

But before doing so, let the nation's trustworthy top brains come up with an alternative to this election exercise.

Because abolishing elections would mean a status quo of what would be left of the govt after local and national polls have been done away with.

No worries. The people will deal with those running the govt. They have the power to do so.

And the power of the people is one from God.

It's about time we got the better deal.

Elections have allowed corrupt individuals-turned-government servants-turned- politicians to creep into sensitive and vital govt positions -- in the Senate and House of Representatives, departments and agencies-- and then into the coffers of the people.

It's towards the people's money that these supposed public servants did their best performances --- stealing from it.

And because they got the money, they now have all the powers to buy elections -- by buying stupid voters across the country.

There are no so-called intelligent voters, only paid voters.

And these are the fodders that supply oxygen to the greed of these politicians.

Let's not close our eyes to this reality that the right of suffrage of every Pinoy should not be denied.

The good news is that it is this right that has screwed up the Filipino nation.

This right has become our own undoing.

It has been abused by millions of stupid voters and converted to cash by good for nothing greedy politicians.

Elections are just a money mill for our government officials, churning out tons and tons of cash for their wallets, pockets and bank accounts -- not to mention their "queridas".

The P10-billion caper pulled off by Janet Napoles is the ultimate product of these elections. How?

Who are these people who got their hands stuck in the cookie jar?

You forgot? I tell you who: they are our senators, congressmen and local politicians who emerged the best in the past several national elections, having topped their respective races.

All the while that we trusted them in giving us the better deal in good governance, they were actually scheming and skimming off the people's money.

Skimming is a mild term because this act touches only the very thin surface of the moolah.

What these people have done is to haul off this cash by the truck loads to their bank accounts via the Napoles Highway.

So how can we ever respect elections? How can we ever trust these politicians?

There's no way to right the wrong they just did and those shenanigans they would try to do if elections are given another chance to pop its ugly head.

So what can we expect without elections?

Nothing  only chaos and anarchy.

But at least the people could deal with it. They have the power.

And what about elections if allowed to persist?

Nothing, because it has become a dope flowing in our veins and highfiving our souls.

We are its slave, and we are the Filipino people.

We could burn in this hell for as long as we want.

And we won’t do anything about it like what’s happening now.

Clearly, I can hear: Long live elections!

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