Tuesday, 1 October 2013

When the environment is healthy ….

Early morning fun … A young girl plays in the sand as the morning sun starts to warm on the beach just next to the popular Boardwalk in Mambulao, CamNorte. This morning, the beach sand at low tide looks fine, with less silt and mud from the operation of small gold miners that normally begins by 9am when the bay waters start to rise. The Boardwalk would be the center of attention towards this weekend, with locals gearing up to the celebration of the feast of the patron saint, Nuestra Senora del Rosario. Happy fiesta to Mambulaoans! – Words by AP HERNANDEZ, picture courtesy of RICHELDA TRAQUINA.

Lush bakawan trees … Mangrove forests like this one at Baranggay Salvacion, in Mambulao, has become a rare commodity these days. This is because those abundant bakawan trees decades ago gradually disappeared with the endless onslaught on the mangrove forests by firewood gatherers and charcoal makers. In Baranggay Salvacion, the locals managed to protect the bakawan environs, at the same time working hard to reforest spots in the area where trees had disappeared. Now, the village gradually attracts visitors who came just to behold the beauty and richness of green forest. Words by AP HERNANDEZ, picture courtesy of ARTEM ANDAYA

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