Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Sta Rosa Norte tianggi also benefits Baranggay Poblacion South

More and more veggies pouring into the Sta Rosa Norte's weekend tianggi. - Photo courtesy of MA LEDA ALER


THE new site for the Mambulao tianggi (flea market) in Sta Rosa Norte is doing well, with more and more customers from the town coming for fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables.

Although the transfer of the flea market to Sta Rosa Norte was considered a big loss in terms of revenue for Baranggay South Poblacion where it used to operate, the former host is also benefiting, money-wise.

South Poblacion chairman Ma Leda P Aler told MWBuzz it (the transfer) was a big loss for her baranggay in terms of fees paid by stall (puesto) holders, who sold veggies, fruits and other fresh produce.

However, Aler made a deal with Baranggay Sta Rosa Norte, something that is now generating some income for her baranggay’s coffer.

Aler said: Being quite broke financially, Sta Rosa Norte could not afford to buy its own facilities to support the tianggi and I just can’t hand over to them the materials and other gear such as the papag and electrical facilities that we used in the former “tianggi”.

“So, we agreed that we (South Poblacion and Sta Rosa Norte) split the revenue from stall fees and business permit.”

Aler said the BSRN treasurer recently turned over to her about Php600 as rent for the use of the loaned tianggi facilities.

She said the money would be used to cover some operating expense of her office.

Aler said the former tianggi site is now being prepared as transfer area for the tenants at the present market building, which would be upgraded into a business center alongside the new transport terminal this year.

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