Monday, 1 April 2013


PAF helicopters to be stationed in Paranal … A leak report from our JP correspondent stated that PAF Paranal Radar Station once in full operation sometimes this year 2013 will have its two aerial surveillance and tactical  helicopters to be stationed permanently at this strategic military site. Believed to be an airforce company commander and senior officer who has spoken to our reporter, he indicated that in joint military operations/exercise and community involvement , such "air assets" will enhance  PAF capabilities serving its purpose such as:  

A. National air defense activities
B. Assorted reconnaissance efforts supporting the ground forces in counterinsurgency
C. Takes part in disaster, relief, mercy and emergency operations in cooperation with local authorities, civilian organizations and participate in national development programs
D. Search and rescue
E. Military immediate air transport
Paranal Radar station is under PAF's Northern Luzon 1st Air Division and in 2007, decision was made to reactivate these divisions accordingly as primary administrative units for combat and combat support elements. The 2nd Air Division is Central Visayas Islands, Southern Mindanao and small satellites is the 3rd.Under these divisions, regional responsibility were assigned which is called "intermediate commands" which is subsequently divided into specific sub-region called Tactical Operations Group (TOGs). Bicol Region TOGs headquarter is in Legaspi City. Be it PAF's tactical helicopter wing's Hornets, Stingers, Daggers currently based at HQ Benito Ebuen AB, Mactan Island, Cebu  or any of the refurbished UH-IH Huey helicopters handed over by the United States government to the PAF in  January, 2011 and  additionally  reported 21 used helicopters (acquisition cost of PhP1.2 Billion or US$ 27.9 million) of the same aircraft specification in June,2012, for use at JP and surrounding airspace  remains anybody's guess according to our report.

Leavin' on a jet plane … Larap Airport re-opening might come sooner than earlier projected. In 2007, the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) cited the Philippines with certain safety issues directly affecting air routes and airport development plans or expansion air operations for the entire country. The successful air safety audit conducted recently in Manila by this global aviation authorities lifted this " hold provision". Cebu Pacific Airlines and Philippine airlines  are contesting every possible markets and with that, Larap, Jose Panganiban, CamNorte is no exception. With tourism as the new and emerging source of economic rebirth of the town, the present LGU has the biggest plans ahead refurbishing its old airport and just like Caticlan Airport, Boracay's beauty is a sell-out worldwide partly because the mood of air travel is available and  access to the place is not a question at all.

Look back and be respectful ... Our local reporter relayed to us that a certain opposition candidate vying for SB has issued statement saying that " no one among the setting administration SB members" can ever face him on one-on-one debate on issues about high level discussion simply because his college and school credentials and awesome ability to speak in public will be more than enough for them not to accept such invitation. Would the new JP Sangunniang Bayan need   Philippine Senator Miriam Defensor-like person who preaches anything to show he is smart enough academically?

"Huwag na pong pera … bigas na lang po”…Our local reporter overheard a frail looking mid-50s woman asking one of the "performance team" SB candidates during their "consultation meeting" at Baranggay Pag-asa (Bunog  some three weeks ago for help."Eh sir, pasens'ya na po … talaga lang pong walang wala kaming makain ngayon, huwag na pong pera … bigas na lang po!!! Without a doubt, this woman is really hungry. The candidate mentioned requested a baranggay member to buy three kilos of rice at a nearby sari-sari store.

Political grapevine … MWBUZZ received news dispatch saying that current SB Guzman doesn’t want only to be re-elected but rather be the number one once votes finally tallied and counted. Gossips were all over town and people are just wondering what in the world he'll do reaching that top-coveted spot. Speculation indicates that if ex-mayor/ex-vice mayor William Lim upsets current Vice-Mayor Ariel “Aye” Non, automatically SB Guzman takes over officially as vice-mayor.

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