Thursday, 4 April 2013


Magandang araw sa iyo, Kababayan. I am a native of Mambulao.

I have followed some of your Facebook postings and found them quiet impressive especially that one showing you touring the rural areas to meet the folks.

And you are raring to take off for the campaign.

It is for this reason that I sent this letter to MWBuzz as an Open Letter to let you know how a Kababayan of yours feels about your mad rush into politics under the present circumstances.

I surmised that after a year-long association with your fellow party-mates in the Liberal Part-Mambulao, you should have gained some insights about who you are dealing with inside the party and how you are to deal with them from now on.

And deep in your heart, you have realized – NOW - that the future of your political career is threatened and your integrity periled.

The LP-Mambulao is not the environment to nourish you as a young politician.

You’re like a software program fresh from the box which, soon, is going to be installed on a PC swarming with virus and heavy with corrupted files.

I’m afraid that the PC virus scan will fail.

No! Please don’t allow yourself to be in this polluted situation.

If you really want to be with the people and work closely with them to find ways in enhancing their lives, there are doors open wide for you.

You can join an NGO that is now looking after the welfare of the senior citizens in Mambulao; or the one that helps the Kabihug people (Bgy Osmena) to enhance their effective assimilation with the Mambulao society.

These are people-focused groups that will bring you closer to the people you want to serve.

Or you can find an NGO which, together with you, could help the community restore the beauty of the beach of Parang as well as the once-pristine water of Mambulao Bay, which has been inundated by waste pollution from gold mining operations in our community.

It will also boost your political stock over the next six years that you would be working with these NGO.

And on the seventh year, you are in a much better position to take another crack at politics in Mambulao -- as a councilor – but outside the LP regime.

I therefore urge you to quit the race in the coming May local elections.

Mr William A Lim, the father of the Liberal Party in Mambulao, will only support four (4) of the LP SB candidates – financially and otherwise - and that doesn’t include you.

And if ever he does support you, it will be a baited deal that you would have to swallow – hook line and sinker.

And that would be very painful and costly – integrity-wise.

This will be your own undoing.

On Monday, March 4, SB Member Caloy Taboada delivered a privileged speech in which he slammed one of the SM members for his financial dealings while being an official of the municipal government under Mr Lim.

The poor guy did not have ammo to defend himself, and much to his embarrassment, the entire session hall applauded – a simple confirmation of his transgressions.

I know you were there, to listen; thus, you got a preview on how an erring government official is put to shame on the floor of the Sangguniang Bayan.

Mr Panganiban, bata ka pa … bihira ang mga galing sa UP na sumama sa isang traditional political party.

But it is your right to select an association of your choice.

Not the LP-Mambulao, however, under its present regime, one with a perception that the people of Mambulao, especially those who have suffered a lot over the lack of development in the community, regard with disdain.

I appeal to your good sense and righteousness –

QUIT THE RACE BEFORE THE LP-MAMBULAO COULD TARNISH AND SWALLOW YOU UP and put a big blot on your still unborn political career.

Just always remember that you are carrying the name of JOMAPA, your ancestor, who, until now, is loved and respected by us natives of Mambulao.

I don’t want to see you going astray from this honorable family tradition.

You may win in this coming election but it will be a big loss -- in the making -- for your family because it will feed an ego that would, little by little, eat your honor away until you end up like some of your party-mates running in this elections.

Show us your associates and we will tell you who you’re going to be.

Maraming salamat po.

A concerned Native of Mambulao.

March 15, 2013

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