Thursday, 4 April 2013

EXTRA: JPNHSAA, LaPIMA deny pledging support to Padilla candidates

THE two big social groups in Mambulao – one composed of former high school alumni and the other a group of  family members who benefited from the defunct mining operations in Larap – said they never pledged support to the candidates under the slate of re-electionist Ricarte “Dong” Padilla.

Matt Ella Espana, former president of the Jose Panganiban National High School Alumni Association (JPNHSAA), emailed MWBuzz to protest the way the alumni group and the Laking PIM Ako (LaPIMa) was dragged into partisan politics in Mambulao.

Espana said that while the two groups had an audience with Padilla sometime towards the end of January to take up what they could do to help push progress in the municipality, they never pledged political support to Padilla candidates in the May local elections.

What was committed, says Espana, was “pure technical and intellectual support on projects and programs, devoid of persons, personalities and political parties".

Espana said that while there may be persons in both associations who may have their own political choices, "they were discreet and kept it among themselves out of pure delicadeza so as not to drag their organizations to a partisan politics".

Espana branded the report “malicious”.

The meeting was held in Makati City during the time Padilla was in Metro Manila on official business for the local government of Mambulao.

It was attended by the core officers of the two organizations who are based in the city.

MWBuzz failed in its effort to get a reaction from Padilla.

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