Tuesday, 2 April 2013



Political grapevine …. MWBuzz has received news dispatch saying that current SB Guzman does not want only to be re-elected but rather to be the number one  SB member once votes finally tallied and counted. Gossips were all over town and people are just wondering what in the world he will do reaching that top most- coveted spot. Speculation indicates that IF Ex-Mayor/ Ex-Vice Mayor William Lim upsets current Vice-Mayor Ariel Non, automatically SB Guzman takes over officially as vice-mayor candidate for 2016 local election. William Lim and his group seems to anticipate an upper hand over current Mayor Ricarte "Dong" Padilla should he beat convincingly Ariel Non this May 2013 election. This would ultimately set him up for another showdown with Mayor Padilla whom he beat narrowly first time Padilla early on tried his luck for mayorship in 2007. With such new found momemtum and political re-acceptance from the people of JP, he will bank on how "good he can be" after dethroning of Padilla's number two man (Ariel Non). Another scenario according to our local correspondent: The opposition group anticipates Mayor Dong Padilla will venture for  congress at the first district of CN (Santa Elena, Capalonga, Jose Panganiban, Paracale and Labo) in 2016 … again, speculating that Mayor Padilla's partymate Cathrine "Cathy" Barcelona Reyes (National Unity Party ) current candidate for congress against formidable opponent and long time ex-mayor Winifredo Oco (Liberal Party) of Labo, CamNorte and 2010 losing candidate for CN Governor, will not survive politically. Should Padilla, the "rising political rock star "of the province of CamNorte meeting a well experienced, widely known, popular, savvy and well connected ex-mayor Oco for congress in 2016 will surely be a real headliner in Bicol region's political news. Not SO FAST FOLKS …  latest news and survey updates shows current Vice-Mayor Ariel Non and eight SB "performance team" members enjoys high degree of electability and preference over the opposing group of William Lim. Knowingly that Mayor Ricarte "Dong " Padilla who is running for re-election virtually unopposed, need these "well trusted and duly tested individuals" in delivering the next phase of his administration's "massive" economic, social services, infrastracture, peace and order, health and sanitation, tourism, employment creation and comprehensive development plans and growth in Jose Panganiban, Mayor Padilla's  simple request to the people of JP is: "Tulungan po ninyo kaming ipagpatuloy ang nasimulang mga adhikain sa ating bayan at mamamayang Mambulao .....sila pong lahat ang kaagapay ko sa mga pangarap nating lahat . Your votes of confidence bestowed upon us ALL represent zero tolerance of  corruption, dedicated, honest, accountable and TRANSPARENT ADMINISTRATION. "Mag sama-sama po tayong lahat ng muli para sa patuloy na kaunlaran ng ating minamahal na bayan at mga taga Mambulao ... maraming salamat po sa inyong pag tangkilik........alay sa tao, alay sa Diyos".

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