Saturday, 1 June 2013

A Filipino guy for 'Odessa'


LAST February, I had a left shoulder surgery because of bad fall at our daughter's house.

Nothing really serious but after the procedure, rehabilitation physical therapy was a must for me to undergo.

Under my wife's family health insurance coverage,I started the physical therapy process in the same hospital where the therapy center is located (my wife is a staff nurse at this medical center).

I was so fortunate for having been assigned to a lady physiotherapist in her late 20s who is so professional, caring and truly proficient in her job.

For privacy purposes, I shall call her "Odessa".

Believe it or not, she has that striking look of iconic singer and movie star Ms Barbra Streisand (singing "Somewhere" for former US President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hilary Rodman-Clinton before).

She is a slim, American blonde and stands 5' 3.

"Hi, Percy, how would you mind looking for "Odessa" a friend in the Philippines? said a fellow lady PT.

"It would be awesome if that happens, will you!!!" she continued.

Without saying anything, Odessa simply smiled.

Well, I suggested to the two women that find perhaps available single, uncommitted gentlemen in Manila or elsewhere in Philippines, of the same medical orientation who could be practicing doctors, technical/engineering or with any education background, perfectly fit and healthy, sport-minded individual, currently employed, living independently, between 5'7" or 5' 8" in height, highly articulate, good listener and excellent communicator, love music, sufficient cooking ability, understanding and kind, product of notable schools of learning in the country, nice to talk to and have great sense of humor, embracing new Western culture and traditions, would not be a problem to find.

What's more, the successful candidate should be willing to travel to Michigan to meet "Odessa" in person.

She prefers knowing a guy with Roman Catholic faith. 

At the final day of my therapy session, I told her that I will use our blog site MWBuzz to hunt for her that "guy".

Observing her, I surmised that she's a very reserved and private person, with smile that seems to show lots of secrets only she could reveal.

Gentlemen, if you feel like making a try, kindly send in your personal information to my email address: and I will make sure that I will hand it over to her any details you have and make that "wish upon stars" comes true for my good friend "Odessa".

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