Monday, 3 June 2013

Parang beach toilets … The recent coming of two public toilets (top and above) to the beach area in Parang, a baranggay outside of the poblacion of Mambulao, has been very helpful in keeping sanitation around the place, especially along the shoreline. For years, the squatter residents in this part of beach did not have a proper toilet, thus leaving them no option but to dispose their excreta along the beach, with adults doing it mostly in the night, while the kids first thing in the morning, with their mothers closely watching. This had aggravated the rubbish situation along the 1.5km long beach, which for years until the middle of 2012 had been almost inundated by community wastes that sailed into the beach lines from the baranggays of Osmenia, Bagong-bayan, Plaridel, Parang, Pag-asa, Sta Milagrosa, Calero and Malapayungan. Sometime last year a group of concerned citizens decided to solve the toilet problem in this area of Purok 5 by building the two toilets. However, there’s still a problem, the cubicles -- one for male and the other for female -- of one of them have not been completed as of this writing. The two cubicles needed decent doors for the users’ comforting privacy. And what’s more, the residents said that they could only use them once in a while because they have no source of water to flush. So, what they have been doing at the moment was to walk to the other toilet, the third, on the other side of the purok some 200m away for relief. Reason: this toilet (below) built some 10 years ago, could be flushed with water from a deep well pump next to it. The walk-in users said it was too costly for them to use the “Nawasa” water in flushing the toilet in their neighborhood. They appealed to their baranggay to provide them a deep well pump (that roughly costs about P5,000 to install, excluding the cost of labor which could be provided by the locals “ala-bayanihan”. – MWBuzzpics and story by ALFREDO P HERNANDEZ, April 2013

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