Saturday, 1 June 2013

Rising crime in Mambulao decried


THE newly-elected government of Jose Panganiban has been tasked to stamp out the growing crime in the community, which could only succeed if crime prevention initiatives are given enough funds.

The call to solve broad-daylight criminal activities and to stop them for good surfaced on the Facebook group of Mambulaoans living overseas and elsewhere in the Philippines.

One US resident, Mary Fee Barcoma Dearth, has urged the newly-elected members of the local government unit (LGU) to take crime prevention “seriously”, and at the same time told them “not to wait for the next victim before taking necessary action”.

Dearth wanted the LGU to increase the funding for the crime prevention task force, which could boost the effort to jail local criminals.

One FB habitué had posted about a recent holdup incident in the market area in broad daylight.

Patricia Anne Rojas posted: “Sa may kay Ong nga daw po may tinutukan ng kutsilyo sa leeg … kaya ibinigay na lang niya ang kanyang cellphone.”

“Ong” referred to a store at the public market owned by a prominent town councilor.

Overseas Mambulaoans also decried the rising incidences of drug-related crime, while others had blamed the increasing number of migrants from other provinces who came to look for jobs in the gold mining district while breaking the laws.

FB member Antonio Puso Vergara said the trouble-makers could be from Metro Manila and were spending their vacation in town.

He urged the local law enforcement unit of the LGU, including the police, “not to sleep on their job”.

A number of overseas Mambulaoans have expressed their fear that the place they very well knew has become unsafe for many residents.

One of them has observed that the culprits were no longer afraid of the law as they were always on drugs.

One resident, Bench Enesio, blamed the parents of minors involved in petty crimes.

He said: Irresponsible parenthood is the main cause of delinquencies among the children in Mambulao, and these parents are the first ones who prevent their crime-offending children from being locked up.

He also blamed a law that prevents the jailing of minors involved in adult crimes, such as break-and-enter robbery and stealing.

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  1. FYI since August 2010 there are 7 heinous crimes that are not solved up to this time. It is because Mayor Padilla' weak leadership to address peace and order. The Mayor is always out of town and the Chairman of SB Committee on Peace and Order Caloy Taboada is doing nothing or is afraid to do something to solve these crimes. It is obvious that Mr. Hernandez is singling out Plaridel (why?) Is it because Mr. Caloy Taboada, the loser in 2013 elections will run as Barangay Captain?