Friday, 9 December 2011

Alumni group to intensify membership fee drive

THE JPNHS Alumni Association will intensify its membership fee collection drive to boost funds for forthcoming projects.

The campaign is expected to draw further support from members who would be returning for the school’s general alumni homecoming reunion on April 28-29, 2011.

At present, the association has an outstanding bank deposit of about Php200,000, with the Bank of Commerce in Metro Manila.

The funds’ status was disclosed at a meeting held by alumni officers last October.

Some funds have been invested with the JPNHS Cooperative for soft-lending to its low-income members in Mambulao to help them venture into some livelihood projects.

The alumni funds were first raised in 2002 during the second term of its then president Matt Espana, who was its proponent.

During the first year of the membership fee drive beginning 2002, the association raised Php208,350 from fees paid by members from about 28 year batches, out of the 51.

Each batch is supposed to pay a one-time membership fee Php10,000 while individuals will have to pay a yearly dues of Php1,000.

Commenting on this, Espinosa told MWBuzz in his email: “Batch membership ang Php10,000 each .... one time fee lang ito and supposedly me annual dues lang na Php1,000 each....pero we have not gone this far sa annual due kasi dun pa lang sa Php10,000  nahirapan na kaming makumpleto till I relinquished by position in 2007....presumably because kulang ang campaign about this and the advent of internet technology was not that pervasive as it is today...”

There are still a number of batches that have yet to pay membership fees, MWBuzz has gathered.

Espana said the association would make an appeal during the home coming reunion for the other batches to pay their membership fees, adding that the fees are the only source of funding for the association.

He said that the membership fee drive was initially intended to raise seed money for the association so it could help a number of its members through low-interest loans for livelihood projects.

Under the scheme, a bona fide member could take out a loan of Php3,000, payable in four months at 3% interest, but extendable to a maximum of two years.

The fund is also being used for another project called the “bereavement assistance” to a deceased qualified batch member. The assistance amounts to Php2,000.

The first five beneficiaries of the soft-loan program when it was launched in 2002 were: Shirley Agustin-Sorallo from Batch 1970 (kakanin business); Atanacia Aler-Hermoso, also from batch 70 (additional capital for her karenderia); Rafael Alcantara, batch 1962, (home-cooked food); Virginia Rofan-Regondola, batch 67, (chicken barbecue business); and Erlinda Raro-Chaves, batch 1967, (for her frozen food business).
The association has yet to make an update of the latest loan beneficiaries.

The “Alumni Waves’, the alumni’s defunct newsletter dated Fourth Quarter 2002, published following batches that had complied with the one-time fee and those that did not as of October 2001:

1951 (None)
1959 P3,200
Sub-total P3,200

1960  P5.000
1962  P10,000
1963  P10,000
1966  P10,000
1967  P10,000
1968  P10,000
1969  P  3,000
Sub-total P58,000

1970  P10,000
1971  P10,00
1972  P10,00
1973  P 5,000
1974  P10,000
1976  P10,000
1977  P10,000
Sub-total  P65,000

1980  (None)
1981  P10,000
1982  P10,000
1984  P10,00
1986  P10,000
1987  P  5,000
1989  P10,00
Sub-total  P65,000

1990  (None)
1992  P 5,000
1996  P5.000
1997  P1,000
1999  P2,400
Sub-total – P3,750

2000  P3,200
2001  P   500
Sub-total – P10,000

Grand total – P208,350

Summary of batch as of October 2002:  51; total fully paid – 19*; total partial paid – 10; total not yet paid -13)

( *  The association said batch 2003 recently paid its batch membership fee of Php10,000.)

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