Sunday, 25 December 2011


In Parang, just a quick roadside peek


STROLLING around Parang, a community of 5,000 people, one would see a lot along the way, but for him only a few of the spectacles stands out.

Last April during my brief sojourn in my childhood’s barrio, I found a few that caught my attention.

9 o’clock sunshine … A sunny but unidentified yellow flower stands forlorn at an abandoned vacant lot along the narrow road leading to the JPNHS campus.  

Sampayan blues … a common sight in the morning just as when the sun is getting hot… this scene is repeated in the next house yard, and the next.
Abandoned … this house has not been completed by the owner after obviously running out of funds. One guess is that he either used to work overseas or his gold-panning boom days were over.

Laundry awaits drying … another batch of 'nilabhan'  fresh from the 'batya'.
Construction boom in Parang … a house, either owned by a gold operator or an “abroad” worker, in building progress.
Saudi crisis … this house has gone unfinished after the owner came home from Saudi Arabia -- for good.
Overgrowth … a porch, or shall we say, a verandah, gets an unusual accessory – a growing aerial bush and moss. - MWBuzzpics by AP HERNANDEZ

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