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Health … there and everywhere

A waterfall in a Japanese village. - Photo courtesy of Masaru Emoto.

Water: The Elixir of Life

Batch ’66
Toronto, Canada

WHAT IS an elixir?  It is a substance held to be capable of prolonging life indefinitely or a cure-all. This came from the dictionary.

If water, as the elixir of life, is a cure-all, could it heal the wounds of our souls, the wounds of our hearts and the diseases of our bodies?

Water -- just mentioning it conjures several images in my memory. 

In the Philippines when I was a child, I grew up with the Arayat mountain and the river nearby. I love water, flowing water, pouring rain, waterfalls and swimming pools. In Jose Panganiban, I saw the sea, salt water, a bigger body of water than the river I used to see.

Pouring rain brought with it the pleasure of play, bathing under its torrents from sieves of the house roof, the joy of throwing stones on the little ponds of water formed by the open gutters channeling more water than the sieves. 

Then the pleasure is cut short by a staccato of commands, “come back, dry yourself and get dressed, it is cold out there, you can get sick”.

Then when dried and was now inside the house, no one can get me to take a nap because of the fascination of looking at the pouring water creating a pond, seeing ripples and sometimes seeing colors of the rainbow formed in the reservoir of water formed. 

The Mt Arayat in Pampanga. – Photo courtesy of ALEX WILSON’s Gallery
At the foot of the mountain is a waterfall that flows to a basin of water where everyone can swim. 

As a child, I could only get to the falls, the pool was too deep for a five-year old. We can play hide and seek on that thick flowing waterfall. This beauty of nature was there when I was a child but when I grew up, the waterfall that was thick became a trickle. 

The cause: The “kaingin system”.

Trees, as a source of livelihood, is made into charcoal. There were no trees to hold the water to give that beauty again. With the devastation on the forest and pollution on the waters of Mother Earth, the ecological balance was endangered.
And this is a global occurrence with modern life, industrial and commercial corporations causing pollution through operations that do not consider consequences to Mother Earth and forget the next generations. 

Sanbu-ichi Yusui Spring Water... drink me
Mother Earth is sick just as we are; we, the people who did not care for Mother Earth, are now suffering, tsunami, floods, epidemics of diseases, etc. 

What goes around, comes back to haunt us -- the boomerang effect. What we sow, we reap. How can we heal?

All of us love water, we play in it, exercise in it, travel through it, go to exotic vacation spots to be near it, we go to hot springs for healing, etc. The rich and famous built their houses near waters to be near them for the exotic view and the pleasure they will give them.

The earth’s surface is 70% water; of this 98% is sea water and only 2% is fresh water that we can drink.

We love water because we are water. Percentage wise, we are about 75% water (also saline water just like the sea) and 25% solid matter. Another source says by weight, we are 67% water. A drop in our body’s water content of 2% will give us fatigue.

If it drops by 10%, we will experience significant health problems. 

And yet we do not drink enough water based on American statistics. Americans drink only 4.6 eight-ounce servings of water compared to the recommended 8 eight-ounce servings of water per day.

I'm polluted water... help
One book says we are 75% water and 85% is in our brain! 

Another source says, our blood is 83% water, muscles 75%, brain 75%, heart 75%, bones 22%, lungs 86%, kidneys 83% and eyes 95%.  Basically we are mostly water.

What does water do? 

Every cell in every living thing contains a nutrient fluid that is mostly water. Blood in animals, sap in plants -- it is still mostly water.  Lack of water will stunt the growth of plants, will decay them or will dry till they wither and die. Dehydration can cause death such as in uncontrolled diarrhea or in case of burnt in accidents.

Every cell in the human body is floating around other cells in an “extracellular” sea of saline water. The extracellular fluids carry the electric charges that enable the cells to communicate with each other. They transport food (the nutrients), deliver oxygen, and remove the bad stuff -- waste products and toxins. 

Water in the human body does so many things in addition to those aforementioned. Water enables cellular hydration, moistens oxygen for easier breathing, lubricates joints, cushions bones and joints, absorbs shocks to joints and organs, regulates body temperature, prevents tissues from sticking, maintains electrical properties of cells and empowers the body’s innate healing process.

Dr F Batmanghelidj says in his book: “You’re Not Sick, You’re Thirsty,” that chronic diseases are caused by dehydration. His statement is backed up by research and investigations that he is advocating the use of water for health, for healing and for life. 

How do we get dehydrated? In activities of daily living, the average person loses about 3 to 4 liters or 10 to 15 cups of fluid a day on sweat, urine, exhaled air and bowel movement. Breathing alone, we will lose approximately 1-2 liters of water. Not drinking water and replenishing this loss will dehydrate one.

How do you know if you are dehydrated? When we are thirsty before we drink, we are already mildly dehydrated, our cells are crying for water then.  As we age, the sense of thirst diminish that most have what we call unintentional chronic dehydration (UCD).  Many degenerative health problems are the result of UCD.

Other signs are:

a)    A well hydrated body produces a clean colorless urine (of course consider that supplements like vitamin B complex, multi-vitamins and vitamin C can produce yellow urine).

b)   A somewhat dehydrated body produces yellow urine.

c)    A severely dehydrated body produces dark colored urine.

Drinking tips for a healthy hydration:

a)    Start the day with a big glass of water even before breakfast. (Note:  coffee,  soda with caffeine or colas are diuretics, therefore as a nutritionist, I do say for every cup of coffee drink a cup of water to replace what coffee pulls out of your body in addition to the regular 8 glasses of eight-ounces recommended)

Masaru Emoto
b)   Take regular water breaks. (I advice friends as if they are taking medication on a round the clock regimen if they want to avoid chronic diseases). Remember the sense of thirst diminish as we grow older.

c)    Drink a glass of water half hour before eating and another glass of water after half an hour after eating. This drinking of water prior to and after eating supports the digestive process. Lack of water makes it harder for nutrients to be broken down and used as energy.

d)   Keep a water bottle all the time.

e)    Keep water flowing on your body, before, during and after workout (exercise). In exercise, do not forget to balance water intake with sodium intake (to maintain electrolyte balance).

Dr Batman, as called by his patients, thinks of a glass of water brimming over with the essential fluid of life. He thinks of it as the solvent (elixir) of our ills and deliverer of ripe old age. So for longevity and vitality, drink your water.

A wise use of clean water could prevent and heal the diseases of the body. (Refer to for a more enlightening expose).

Drinking water could prevent and heal our physical chronic diseases, but how do we heal the wounds of our hearts and the wounds of our souls? 

Who has not been hurt in one way or another of the ups and downs of life, the sorrow that the circle of life brings to us?

Holistically (wholistically), we are body, mind, heart and soul connected to the spirit of God within us.  “The Kingdom is within us.”  “God is with us”,  Emmanuel -- Christmas!!!   Merry Christmas to All Mambulaoans!!!!


I just came from the Whole Life Expo here in Toronto. 

The speaker in one of the seminars I attended mentioned these four elements of our being, body, mind, heart and soul. Address to develop the body the other elements will also be affected circularly or spirally. Wherever you start the circle, the spiraling development will affect all aspects of oneself.

As we develop the mind, the heart, the soul or the body, our consciousness deepens, connecting us to the spirit within us and inside of us the living waters of life bubbles, gushing forth to eternal life. (Read John 4:10-14 for living waters of life).
The living waters heal our hearts and our souls, giving us eternal hope and love. But then it is critical that we have to ask for faith to believe.

This Bible passage is confirmed by crystalline formation on the experiments of Masaru Emoto.

Conscious Water:  Power of Prayer Made Visible -- Crystal formation, just like the monstrance used in the Catholic Church when the Blessed Sacrament is exposed, are made when water is given the message of positive thoughts, words, names and projections. Negative names, thoughts, words and projections give murky water forms.

One critical ingredient in the power of prayer and positive approach is belief in the unseen. With intent, love, attitude of gratitude and positive action of prayer, we can be healed including healing of Mother Earth preparing it for the next generations.   (Refer to the work of Masaru Emoto, The Hidden Messages in Water and The True Power of Water)

We are water. If thoughts, words, attitude of gratitude and positive prayer have effect on water as demonstrated on the experiments of Masaru Emoto, could we not see the implication of what we can do knowing the true power of water in our whole being?


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