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Relaxation is one form of resting our tired body. Relaxing the mind can help calm nerves and help reduce the amount of acids caused by stress, which can lower heartburn symptoms. While stress hasn’t been linked directly to heartburn, it is known that it can lead to behaviors that can trigger heartburn. Follow these relaxation tips to alleviate stress, and thus make stress-related heartburn less likely.
Healing - The use of remedies

DISEASE never comes uninvited.

Often, its visit is paved by the disregard of health's simple laws.

Many among us suffer because of the mistakes our parents committed while raring us when we were young. Now that we are adults, it would greatly help to avoid the bad habits of our parents. This could be achieved through clean living - living with the right health habits.

Many, however, still suffer owing to their wrong actions. Simple health rules governing eating, drinking and working are either violated or ignored.

But once they are bedded with illness, they would put the blame on God - and not on the real cause.

We should always remember that God equipped us with vital organs that do the various functions of living - all designed to work efficiently and in harmony with one another.

Allowing these vital organs to work properly by maintaining them the way you take care of your car's millions of parts, you would achieve the best health you could ever have.

We should always keep in mind that when one organ is injured or is in trouble, the whole body system is affected.

Our body has its own defense mechanism. It will try to resist attacks from any disease while it can. But when it gets overworked, is not properly nourished or its small malfunctioning has been ignored for too long, it could breakdown - one way for the body to say, hey look, I have to stop ... can't go on anymore ... I need a break.

Translation: You're body is ill and needs to be healed.

Rational remedies
When your body is abused resulting to ill-health, you can do something no one else could do for you.

The first thing to do is to know the nature of the sickness, then work intelligently to remove the cause.

Some patients in the hospital will be cured faster when they're on the green environment or in the room which has indoor plant. courtesy of
If you are overworked, is overeating or committing other unhealthy practices like smoking, excessive drinking, staying late most nights, don't complicate the problem by taking fancy or signature drugs to boost your system and keep you up.

Gluttony - excessive eating - is one cause of illness, and what the body needs now is to be relieved of the undue burden placed upon it.

Fasting is one remedy. Staying away from a meal or two would help to relieve the overworked digestive organs and give them the much needed rest.

A fruit diet for a few days has often brought great relief to brain's working cells. Many times, a short period of entire abstinence from food, followed by simple, moderate eating, has led to recovery through nature's own recuperative effort.

A simple diet for a month or two would lead you to the path to health.

caption: Gardening is one of the best therapy for a recuperating patient.

Rest as a remedy
SOME make themselves sick by overworking.

For this, enough rest and proper diet are essential to restoring health.

Being with nature once in a while by roaming through the fields and the woods, picking fruits and flowers and listening to the songs of the birds would do far more towards healing than any other means.

Still durable … Eighty-four-year old Elvira P Hernandez enjoys nature walk with her young grandchildren PaoPao Cortes (behind) and Elaine Francisco on their way to a family coconut farm in Pinagbirayang Munti, Paracale, Camarines Norte last April. They went there to have some mouth-watering buko. Mrs Hernandez and family were one of the earliest settlers in Parang, Jose Panganiban, when the place was just a sprawling coconut hacienda in the 1950s. She and her family are now based in Pasig City. To see the eco-trippers, click here and here. – MWBuzzpic by AP HERNANDEZ

In health and in sickness, pure water is one of heaven's choice blessings. Its proper use promotes health. It is the beverage to quench the thirst of animals and man.

Taken freely, water helps to supply the necessities of our body system and assists it in resisting diseases.

Bathing or showering is the easiest and most satisfactory way of regulating blood circulation.

A cold bath is an excellent tonic while warm bath opens the pores and aids in cleansing our body of impurities. Warm bath soothes the nerves and stabilizes blood circulation.

And remember: there are many ways in which water could be used to relieve pain and check disease.

Action is a law of our being. Every organ of the body has its appointed job to do.

The normal action of all the organs gives strength and vigor, while the tendency of disuse leads towards decay and death. Inactivity produces the same effect on the whole muscular system.

Inactivity is a result of a disease. While exercise quickens and equalizes blood circulation, being idle stagnates the blood by keeping it from circulating freely. Freely circulating blood is vital to life. An active body enhances this activity.

With this, skin becomes active too. Movement makes the body sweat, which comes off through the skin pores along with body impurities.

To achieve a satisfactory perspiration, doing outdoor exercise would help a lot. It should be planned to help boost the health of our body organs- especially the heart. And the activities of the hands should never boil down to mere hard monotonous routine work.

When invalids have nothing to occupy their time and attention, their thoughts become centered upon themselves, and they grow morbid and irritable.

Many times they dwell upon their bad feelings until they think themselves much worse than they really are and are unable to do anything to improve their situation.

For all these cases, a well-directed physical exercise would lead to a great health.

It is vital to health recovery. The will goes with the labor of the hands; and what the invalids need is to have their will aroused. When the will is dormant, the imagination becomes abnormal, making it impossible for the body to resist disease.

Exercise aids the dyspeptic by giving the digestive organs a healthy tone. Engaging in severe study or violent physical exercise immediately after eating hinders the work of digestion; but a short walk after a meal, with the head erect and shoulders back, is a great benefit.

Many tend to neglect physical exercise; some grow excessively fat because their system is clogged; others become thin and feeble because their vital powers are exhausted in disposing of excess food.

With the lever burdened in its effort to cleanse the blood of impurities, the result is illness.

Those whose who are in sedentary state should, when the weather would permit, exercise in the open air every day, summer or winter.

Brisk walking is therefore preferable to riding or driving, for it brings more of the muscles into action.

The lungs, therefore, are worked vigorously since they are inflated during a brisk walk-jog

Always remember that if the patients would eat temperately and take cheerful, healthful exercise, they would recover health and thus, save time and money.

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