Thursday, 8 December 2011

Tatom dismayed over non-cooperation

THERE is no real strong organization of high school alumni in Mambulao.

This was the impression from Samuel Tatom (Batch 66) as he expressed
dismay over his failure to draw cooperation from some members of the group.

In an email to a number of Batch 66 members, Tatom said that “LaPIMa and JPNHS Alumni Association are just more of a “camaraderie group” … only active when there is reunion coming … and TLA is more of a communication group.”

LaPIMa is the Larap PIM Association, while TLA is a Facebook group “Taga-Larap Ako”, which serves as an online forum for former Larap residents who are both overseas and in the country.

Tatom said: There is no burning desire from any Mambulaoan to do services or do extra effort for free.

He said that his request for somebody to do an inspection/audit of the needed repairs at JPNHS had not been carried out because he did not receive some money for tricycle fares, cell phone loads and “pang-merienda”, among others.

Tatom said that there is a need to do something about the school’s leaking roofs, faulty doors, windows, water system, campus roads and to find out the cost estimate for such jobs.

He said that the cost of such projects has to be collated and posted on online forum so that potential alumni-donors from overseas would know and do something about them.

He said in his email that until now, nobody has carried out the inspection/audit of the school facilities.

Tatom said: “Yes … they will listen to you, and that’s the end.”

He was at the alumni reunion organizers’ meeting last October where he made the request for inspection/audit of the school facilities.

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