Saturday, 21 April 2012

Editorial -The mysterious cement donor

Hundreds of alumni will be passing under this arch as the march into the campus for a two-day homecoming reunion on April 28-29.

THE community of Jose Panganiban went agog over the news about an anonymous donor of 300 bags of cement to the baranggay road cementing project of town mayor Ricarte Padilla.

Until this writing, the Office of the Mayor has remained tight-lipped on the identity of the generous benefactor, while Mambulaoans both overseas and those based in the Philippines are also clueless.

MWBuzz, your online news tunnel, had the pleasure of meeting and talking at length with this mysterious donor on the condition that this benefactor remains unnamed and that some salient points of the discussion go off the record.

However, one clue that MWBuzz could give away to the readers is that our publicity-shy donor has always been a frontrunner when it comes to helping the community and its people.
One of the coming projects the donor would launch soon are  classroom buildings for the benefit of the students at baranggays Bagong-Bayan and Calogcog.

And from our lengthy talks with our benefactor, it was gathered that there are many more assistance schemes the donor has in the pipeline. 

And one of them has something to do with the rescue of our mud-polluted Mambulao Bay.
Our mysterious benefactor is not from Mambulao.

The only qualification our benefactor could present so he could intrude into our psyche is that he has for long been thinking just like a native Mambulaoan with a heart of one, having a good grasp of the economics and politics of running the affairs of the municipal government and the local economy.

What lesson could we draw from his generous gestures of supporting a worthy project?
MWBuss has firmly believed that a good deed need not come alone from the sons or daughters of Mambulao. 

And that a worthy project such as road-building around the municipality of Jose Panganiban truly deserves the full support of the community whose most able sons and daughters belong to the Jose Panganiban National High School Alumni Association (JPNHSAA).

And the most opportune time for them to showcase gestures of all-out support would be the coming gathering of the alumni from all over the world slated on April 28-29.

Already, one alumni batch is planning a grand entrance to the party with a truckload of bags of cement, one way to drumbeat the importance of the project they are supporting, and thus generate more donors.

But whether or not the delivery was 300 bags or just one small heap of cement, the fact remains that the vigor that Mayor Padilla injects into the development of our beloved community has formed an amalgam of enthusiastic supporters from across the citizenry of Mambulao alongside that outsider-benefactor who shunned a well-deserved publicity and rousing applause.

To the alumni coming home and those who have no opportunity to come at this time, MWBuzz welcomes you.

And to those who would show up with a bag or two of the much-needed cement, this space welcomes you twice more.

And to the anonymous donor, we can assure you that a ribbon of this much-needed road would materialize one of these days amid the dirt just like gold nuggets in the mud.

     - Alfredo P Hernandez

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