Friday, 20 April 2012

Gold miner sets aside compensation funds

THE Johson Gold Mining Corporation (JGMC) will pay for damages caused by the flooding of toxic gold tailings at Baranggay Bagong-Bayan in Jose Panganiban, Camarines Norte on April 13, 2012.

The toxic water was released from one of the six waste water impounding ponds at the miner’s mountain top gold processing camp after the pond’s wall weakened and collapsed.
The deluge of gold tailings had immediately destroyed at least 10 houses that stood on its path.

The company said the dam’s wall had been weakened by constant rainfall in the area.
Baranggay officials at Bagong-Bayan are said to be conducting a survey of affected properties for possible damage compensation.

In a statement emailed to MWBuzz, JGMC Vice-President Jason A Marcelo said his company has set aside funds for damage compensation, rehabilitation of the affected area, water-and-silt recovery and other miscellaneous expenses.

“All damages and clearing operation will be the sole responsibility of JGMC,” Marcelo said.
As to the possible effects of the toxic flood to the environment, he said the nearby creek where the toxic water flowed through “has already been cleared and cleaned”.

This mountain slope creek, which is being  used by the residents as a source of water, ends up at the Mambulao Bay about one kilometer away from the mine camp.

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