Friday, 20 April 2012

Vital services for senior citizens

Michigan, USA

WHETHER you're for a quick or lengthy business visit to the Senior Citizens Center of Jose Panganiban at the back of the municipal town hall, you'll always find someone ready to help.

The center has two clerical staff. This one-storey building of concrete, enclosed with concrete fence and steel gate has an office, conference room, recreational area and toilets for both sexes.

Engr Ruben B Espana, president of JP Senior Citizens Federation and president of Baranggay North Poblacion since 2004, spearheads the management of the center and the implementation of its programs/services for the senior citizens.

Under the Department of Social Welfare and Development, the center is supervised by the Office of the Senior Citizens Affairs (OSCA) headed by Raymundo Rodelas.

During monthly meeting, senior citizens would raise issues/concerns related to updates on the privileges and benefit they are entitled to.

To further improve the implementation of its programs/services, the senior citizens are being asked for their ideas, suggestions or recommendations.

Engr Espana, being the president of the federation, regularly coordinates with the different Baranggay Senior Citizens Association (BASCA) to boost the operation of their association chapters and the implementation of programs/services in the baranggay level.

The center programs and services have delivered the following benefits:

* Free consultation and medicines with P300-P2,500 medical assistance depending on the nature of illness;

*Formation of dance troupe which performs during the festivities of the elderly.

*Strengthened spiritual/value formation of senior citizens and their families;

*Awareness on family planning, shared parental responsibility on child-rearing and violence against women and their children;

*Open opportunities for income-generating projects to augment family income;

*Financial assistance to the family of a deceased senior citizen;

*Likewise, senior citizens are aware of their privileges specifically on availing of discount on goods and services from business establishments through the support of the local chief executive.

(NOTE: All above information was taken from the letter of Ma. Alicia S Bonoan, director 1V Standard Bureau, Department of Social Welfare and Development addressed to then municipal mayor William Lim on March 31, 2009, for the attention of  Severa Alejandro, MSWDO.

It is assumed by this writer that said directives are still in effect as Engr Espana has initialled a copy I received.)

Special appeal to all Mambulaoans:

According to Engr Espana, the JP Senior Citizens Center is in dire need of computer software for data banking "ever-growing numbers" of seniors citizens of our town. 

Their budget insufficient, the center has asked the the then administration of Lim for support but it was apparent there was no action taken to such important request. 

On behalf of our senior citizens back home, I am knocking on your kind hearts for a generous donation of such software.

It would be greatly  appreciated.

Please DON'T SEND CASH, requested Engr Espana.

The sought computer set should have a storage capacity of 2GB to handle information of more than 3,000 members.

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