Thursday, 28 February 2013

EXTRA: The importance of gulayan sa paaralan

Based on studies, the DepEd said one in every three children has weak body resistance and skinny or undernourished. - Websitepics

Teacher -1 Palangon Elementary School

SUSTAINABILITY has long been a common problem especially in the outskirt regions of our country.
Not to mention in the far flung areas where scarcity often takes place and the constituents have to make ends meet to survive even on a day to day basis of existence.
To address this type of problem, certain measures had been set forth but then the problem on implementing guidelines had been tarnished by flaws as how it should be laid out.
Then came the green revolution project of the late president Marcos.
In this program, focus was not only concentrated on greening project but also on agricultural-based programs.
However, the problems of implementation to fully appreciate its effect was too much politicized until it eventually faded away and forgotten.
The question on sustainability or so to speak subsistence has been a plague in our society and constituents had focused on daily existence instead of a long-term plan to provide not only for their family but to this community as well.
The school has been a basic foundation of skills and learning and is the ideal point for a project such as the “Gulayan sa Paaralan”.
It will not only benefit the children regarding sustainability but will embed in their consciousness the realization of how important these vegetables, their nutrients and vitamins and the effect of healthy living are.
Most, if not all, of the school grounds nationwide are in vast property left unattended.
Turning these idle portions in a somewhat green pasture of vegetation will not only turn the school into a refreshing scenery but also awaken the consciousness of the student populace on the effect of having a healthy dietary intake.
It will provide the nutrients and vitamins the body absorbs when these vegetables are digested.
Also, it will not only be soothing to the eye during its bloom but will also nourish the human body.
Eventually the surplus will be turned into profit not only for the school per se but to the community where this “Gulayan sa Paaralan“ will be implemented.
In short, the “Gulayan sa Paaralan” project when fully implemented will not only benefit the school and its studentry but also the community because the project will serve as an inspiration for the community and awaken their consciousness on the effect of a green environment.
To end, the “Gulayan sa Paaralan” is a multi-beneficial project to the school, the student populace in terms of nutritional benefits not to mention the monetary consideration it will bring about by its surplus,.
It will be a community-wide benefit for all, for it will not only touch on the physical attributes but also awaken the mental and psychological attributes of the community and thus ensure self-sustainability. – Bicol Mail


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