Thursday, 14 February 2013

Naga strengthens crime prevention campaign


NAGA CITY: The Philippine National Police Office here, in its resolve to strengthen its crime prevention campaign, has sought the help of local business owners, heads of security agencies, and other organizations to help them fight law breakers through effective safety measures.

P/S Supt. Abdulkadil M. Guialani, officer in charge of the city police office, said in a recent dialogue with the stakeholders that the police is optimistic that a strong collaborative effort between the local business sector and police authorities will improve the peace and order situation in the city.

PNP Naga’s crime solution efficiency covering the period from Jan 1 to 25, this year, was recorded at 55.12%, with 43 out of 78 reported cases solved.

These include 53 index crimes and 25 non-index crimes. Monthly crime rate was 45.16 percent for every 100,000 inhabitants.

Guialani said that this data show a significant decrease as compared to the 127 crime volume and 44%crime solution efficiency recorded in December 2012.

To sustain this development, Guialani proposed to the business owners to install more close circuit television or CCTV cameras inside and outside of their establishments.

 “In the past, we have seen how criminals are traced with the help of the CCTVs. The installation of such may not guarantee that we won’t be attacked by the lawless elements, but at least we have something to refer to as a piece of evidence for follow up operations [in solving crimes just committed],” Guialani added.

The police official also said that the deployment of PNP personnel in every barangay has helped decrease the number of offenders in the communities.

The Naga City Public Safety Company personnel on the other hand, has conducted eight prophylactic patrol, has attended two barangay pulong-pulongs, and visited six vital installations located in the upper barangays of Naga City.
Guilani has also created 10 police outposts, four maneuver forces, and one advance command post located in Barangay Carolina, an upland village purposely to bring the PNP’s service closer to the community. 

This will also ensure that peace and order problems will be responded to immediately.

PNP Naga continuously employs the 24-hour mobile patrolling by the Motorcycle Cops Anti- Street Crimes in major and strategic thoroughfares of its area of responsibility, particularly along populated and identified crime prone-areas. – Bicol Mail

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