Wednesday, 6 March 2013

LATE-BREAKERS … Election fever heating up … By PERCY A OSTONAL

"One at the time... we're getting there ". More than P1 million worth of illegal drugs were reportedly busted a few months ago in an undisclosed place in Jose Panganiban by the combined elements of the local police, Intelligence, informants or "assets", in close coordination with the municipal peace and order council headed by Mayor Ricarte "Dong" Padilla. Info we received indicated that a "mule" was about to take a regular public transport ride to baranggay Santa Barbara (in close proximity to a place called Bulalakaw, Gumaus) when caught with sizeable amount of prohibitive drugs believed to be methamphetamine. Keeping a distribution center in an isolated place and hard-to-reach area and at the same time selling drugs to small miners make the culprits’ operations flourishing, away from the eyes of the military. While a small number of arrests were made in the past, this latest "catch" showed that Operation Drugs Intercept by the law enforcement authority in the community was working. Our JP correspondent was not given further information due to the nature of the operations.

"Alay SA Diyos … Alay SA Bayan”. A new bridge in Baranggay Parang is being constructed, with funding from the Project Management Office (PMO) of President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III bridge program. Clearly, money for this project did not come from the province of CamNorte-DPWH.MWBUZZ was told that corresponding re-routing signage has been put up for motorists and commuters alike to see. Our local reporter said the Office of the Mayor, thru its baranggay chairman, issued a public advisory on the inconvenience ahead due to the project and asked everybody's patience as the bridge is necessary for long-term convenience. Timing the bridge work during the dry season is of great advantage and could speed up activities ahead of targeted schedule. Our local correspondent was told that its completion date is about three months, or sometime in May 2013. Normally, construction of bridges such as this undergo three phases: a) Foundation laying; b) Piers and girdle installation; c) Paving and final-approach concreting. A big "plywood size" panel will greet everyone on either side of the bridge, saying: Ito po'y pasasalamat ng mga mamamayan ng Mambulao … this is where your taxes go. "Alay Sa Diyos … Alay Sa Bayan”.

 Money, sugar … sugar, honey !!! If you're an opposition candidate of a major political party for Sangguniang Bayan in JP and getting no real concern or support from your titular head as demonstrated by his "sariling lakad" style every time he shows up in town, what would you feel? Without a doubt, everyone among the candidates would be wondering what's going on, asking: how will we do well and get elected without WALIM or ex-mayor William Lim's leadership? And yes, party’s financial support. In the case of Tres Panganiban, an upcoming University of the Philippines (Los Banos, Laguna) young graduate-scholar running for a SB slot, his process of introduction to the voting public comes so natural by way of his posting at FACEBOOK ACCOUNT which says " IT'S FUN IN PANGANIBAN” (seems to project a relation in some way to  the message of the 2012 Philippine Tourism national slogan "IT'S FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES”). It pays to re-invent an existing marketing message. Will it  work, will it be effective, would it not constitute (illegal) early campaigning  with no campaign money involved using the cyber space? Abangan rin po nating ang magiging resulta ng election. (This is also one reason why Mayor Dong adopted the tourism-push slogan “It’s more fun in Mambulao …”, (stress on Mambulao) to avoid giving a public relation push to the name.)

Everything must come down. As a full compliance of the COMELEC RESOLUTION NO 9615, the office of the mayor has taken down all pre-existing posters and banners and/or political materials and propaganda in public places. Such publicity stunts are deemed illegal prior to the official campaign season, which starts on March 30th. “Walang ipinatitira, dala lahat. Iyon ngang Christmas poster greetings ni Mayor Padilla-Vice-Mayor Non kasama ang buong partymates nila (with pictures) na hindi naasikasong tangalin kahit tapos na ang pasko ay ipinatangal kaagad. May isa ngang kandidato na naglagay ng kanyang political advertisement na madaling makita at mabasa ng publiko ay kasama ring pinatangal,” one residents told our local reporter. (Nothing has been spared … all were included. The Christmas poster greetings of Mayor Padilla-Vice Mayor Non together with party mates (with pictures) that were forgotten and became overdue for removal were taken down. There was one candidate who placed a political advertisement to a highly visible place to the public and just the same it was taken down as well), said one to our local reporter.) As per Comelec Resolution No 9615, rules and regulations, the law states: For local election  prior to March 30, 2013, it is illegal  for candidates vying for elective seats to use names, images, logos, brands, insignias, color motifs, initials and other forms of identifiable graphic representation placed by candidates on public structures or places, campaign posters and banners mounted on government vehicles, public buses, jeepneys, trains, taxis, ferries and tricycles and those placed on the premises of public terminals. Non compliance of the rules and regulations, candidates risk disqualification and a jail term of up to six years and such act will constitute loss of the right to vote in an election. (From: "Take down early posters comelec tells bets" by Jocelyn R Uy, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Wednesday, January 23, 2013)

Growth zone … BARANGGAY Larap, having been declared as Special Economic Zone, would be the site for future economic activities when local and foreign investors put up factories and small to medium industries ranging from software manufacturing to that of heavy equipment. This would materialize upon the completion of Mambulao-Larap road concreting, which is being carried out by the administration of Mayor Ricarte "Dong" Padilla. (Inserts of Information from  WIKIMAPIA ORG, Jose Panganiban, Camarines Norte )

Iglesia Ni Cristo bloc votes in JP. It does not matter whether you're a re-electionist or first-timer in politics. The role of Iglesia Ni Cristo's bloc votes will have  great influence on your electability and  "somehow”, it will showcase who among the candidates vying for elective  positions be it national, provincial, city or local municipality will be " IN " or "OUT " of their "UNITY VOTES". INC recently issued a circular by executive minister Eduardo Manalo during worship services all over the country, advising its members not to get involved in any partisan activity or ask any favor from any candidates to avoid confusion in the flock's electoral moves. Flock members were strictly told to observe the BLOC VOTING. In the case of our town, our local reporter got a tip that the whole "Unity Team”, together with Mayor Padilla and Vice-Mayor Non, were all invited for direct consultation with the local INC high officials. Solid votes especially during crucial close contest will mean a lot and a decisive mandate of some 3,000 vote from these group of voters will be an insurance policy. The mere fact that an invitation was made is really something, Making one win the election is up to the people of Mambulao to decide.

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  1. Percy, opponent of incumbent dong Padilla and party has only 40percent to win the local election because you are using this publication as a campaign material for dong/non account. I noticed, right after the creation of mambulao worldwide buzz all good reports confirmed or unconfirmed were all accounted under padilla's reign. Kawawa naman yung hindi kalipi ng mga Padilla na malaki rin ang naging contribution sa mga kasalukuyang proyecto diyan sa atin...

  2. comment on larap mambulao road concreting, dumb trucks from adjacent towns are hauling overloads of mineral materials that caused the newly concreted road corrode. since road infrastructure budget in our place has only a little margin, owner of dump truck should be collected a certain appropriate fee as a maintenance, comes road rehabilitation. When i visit in our hometown sometimes end of 2012 i inquire to the barangay officers from barangay pag-asa and sta. milagrosa where these big dump truck operating if these dump truck are presenting their municipal permit they said none. I understand barangay has also the right to collect fees from the owner of dump truck when the operation is within their barangay vicinity