Wednesday, 27 March 2013

CamSur mulls liquid waste treatment facility

WASTE disposal has evolved into a major headache of most modern communities, exacerbated further by rapid urbanization and industrialization and compounded by a booming population.

Some areas of CamSur are currently in such a situation with the problem of waste disposal anticipated to progressively worsen in the very near future, constraining the provincial government to launch a solid waste management program that is now being expanded down the municipalities and barangays.

The on-going program launched under a Public-Private Agreement, however, is only focused on solid waste management, leaving unaddressed the equally serious and in some cases even more perilous, problem of liquid waste disposal.

To round off the program, the provincial government through the initiative of Gov Lray Villafuerte has embarked on a collateral program to establish a pilot liquid waste treatment facility in the province.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been forged Thursday evening, March 14 at the CWC Clubhouse between CamSur represented by Gov. Lray Villafuerte and Cebu-based Pollution Abatement System Specialist represented by Engr Joselito Pugoy to conduct without cost to the province a feasibility study and submit a formal proposal covering the financial aspect and environmental impact and construction of a septic and hospital waste treatment waste facility in CamSur

If found viable, implementation of the program will commence as soon as possible at a yet undetermined location in CamSur.

Gov Villafuerte is particularly keen on establishing an effective liquid waste management system in CamSur to avoid the fate of Boracay where contamination of the surrounding waters is jeopardizing the island’s tourism industry. – Bicol Mail


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