Wednesday, 6 March 2013

MAMBULAOWATCH: Are Walim and Tallado falling out?


IT SEEMS, Walim, aka William A Lim, has fallen from grace with Edgardo Tallado, the governor of CamNorte.

Tongues began waggling after Talllado was seen somewhere in Mambulao with two Mambulao LP members who are candidates in the SB this coming election, minus Walim, the former three-term mayor.

Apparently, the governor was doing some pre-election campaign recon in the municipality of 27 baranggays to take stock of his chances among Mambulao voters.

And the SB members were said to be giving him some crucial insights and information on the picture of his forthcoming blitz in the municipality starting March 30, the official start of election campaign as per Comelec directives.

And this time, Walim was not needed.

His input as the LP top guy in Mambulao was of no importance.

MWBuzz was told that the chief of the Liberal Party in CamNorte has been disappointed, to say the least, about his party’s debacle in Mambulao.

It’s only in Mambulao in the entire Bicol region that the LP has failed to groom somebody to take on the incumbent mayor.

What has happened to LP-Mambulao?

Having received flak from the LP’s national leadership, being their kingpin in CamNorte, Tallado was really pissed off.

Who won’t be?, quipped one political observer who has begun taking notes of the goings-on in town, particularly on the movements of core members from both sides of the political fence.

Tallado has been disgraced by the fact that his political party, whose titular head is DILG Secretary Mar Roxas, had failed to launch a candidate to challenge the incumbent mayor, Dong Padilla.

Seeking a second term, Padilla is riding high on the back of his popular cemented roads that are now snaking across off-town baranggays that included the economically depressed Larap, the second biggest in terms of population and voting force.

It also clearly showed that Walim’s credibility as a political figure has failed to attract individuals who could be groomed to challenge the incumbent mayor.

But this is understandable, because the present political buzz in Mambulao indicated that Dong Padilla has become a wall of concrete, one which would be hard to knock down, hard as his concrete roads.

Even Walim knows this and he therefore, views the circumstances with high regards.

So, he is keeping the road clear for Mayor Dong to cruise the remaining six years – or two more terms -- allowed by law to stay in office and deliver what he promised to Mambulaoans in July 2010 when he assumed the office of the mayor -- something which he (Walim) failed to do during his time.

To keep his political vessel afloat and cruising under the sail of LP, Walim opted to downgrade his stature as a political leader in Mambulao by taking on a lightweight like Ariel (Aye) Non, the incumbent vice-mayor.

Walim, a three-term mayor until 2010 before moving up one notch in his political sortie by running as candidate for vice-governor, and lost, is confident of beating Aye in the May elections.

That was his hunch sometime ago.

He was banking on the goodwill he built during his time as the mayor and on the “balwarte” of supporters across Mambulao, which he cultivated during the nine years that he stewed himself at the mayor’s office.

But then, the recent demeanor being shown by Tallado whenever he was in town sent Walim some pin-prick sensations, hinting him of his being “weaned” from the governor’s patronage.

Is Walim being junked by no less than the titular head of the LP in the province?

The implication could be that worse.

He may not receive a full financial backing to run his campaign for the LP Sangguniang Bayan candidates.

This would jeopardize his plot to dislodge four of Mayor Dong’s men from the next municipal council after the May elections.

Currently, the SB is dominated by Dong’s men, 6-2.

Walim’s grand plot is to win the post of the vice-mayor, make four of his SB candidates win and control the affairs of the municipal council starting July 2013.

If there are four LP in the municipal council, their number could easily neutralize the voting on crucial measures, especially those that are geared towards development spending.

And with him as the presiding officer, Walim would simply break the deadlock by voting for his men.

Simple but brilliant.

But this scenario suddenly drew clouds after Walim supporters were reported to have abandoned ship to back the eight SB candidates of Dong Padilla.

For Tallado, this is migraine burning out its fuse -- to explode.

With Mambulaoans going for Dong’s men, their support for CamNorte Representative Renato Unico – Tallado’s challenger in the post of governor – is a foregone conclusion.

Up to now, Tallado has not indicated if he was pouring campaign money to back the local LP headed by Walim.

With lesser funding or no funding at all to oil the LP machinery, its candidates could bite the dust because Mambulaoans are leaning towards shutting out LP’s entire slate in the May elections.

There’s a slogan circulating on Facebook community hosted by Mambulaoans: “Go go ocho go, ocho go ocho go … Go go ocho go, ocho go ocho go … Ocho derecho the only way to go for progress to progress.”

It refers to a straight vote for the eight SB candidates of Dong Padilla. It also refers to “ocho derecho plus 2 = 10”.

This time, it includes Dong himself and Aye.

Of late, the “vote straight, vote eight” shibboleth began to catch fire.

Walim and Tallado should be forewarned.

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  1. Don't you know that walim and tallado are magbalae? daughter of lim married to tallado's son. So how could walim fall to tallado's grace? you have always a nice gesture with dong/non tandem but to their political opponent its always a negative one even the report is unconfirmed yet..

    1. politics has destroyed relations even within families. walim embarrased tallado before the LP national leadership for failing to come up with a candidate to take on dong padilla. and he has to downgrade himself to the vice-mayor post because he did not have the credibility to face padilla. because ofthis, tallado was pissed off with walim for causing him embarrassment before the national LP leadership - considering that tallado is the titular leader of LP in CamNOrte... and LP is whipping tallado for his inefficiency in grooming someone to beat Padilla... it is as simple as that... malaking kahihiyan ito which tallado has to swallow... kaya mas mabait siya ngayon kay sb member guzman, na siya ngayong kasama sama sa mga recon around mambulao, instead of walim...

    2. bakit walang nakuhang kandidato si walim... simple... walang magtiwala sa kanya at this time to run under his partido... maraming magagaling pang tao sa mambulao... pero ayaw nilang tumakbo under Walim's party ... credibility problem - Pareng Jakiri...

  2. I could therefore finally say mambulao worldwide buzz publication was intended for padilla's family account only i presumed it is one way of winning back the charisma that became negative to the mind of Jose Panganiban voters due to undesirable doings of previous padilla's administrator. Padilla should give Fred and other key officers a very satisfactory merit for giving full support to dong padilla's administration.

  3. Liberal party in our place are just like a defensive driver always ensure of safety driving this is how they operate their political machinery in mambulao always insure of victory not in means of deceiving peoples mind thru false reporting of allegedly good performance but a true and real humanly service to their constituent. I will give you this factual information's on the activities done by your beloved dong/non in our municipality.
    a) Dong padilla is always out of town he is always in Manila for his political equipment business. b) His authority as a mayor is always delegated to his vice mayor whose lifestyle is now upgraded or dispensed with questionable blessings from the local contractors and jueting payola. 3) Mayor Padilla has plenty of backlog works and if people comes need for his action they will wait for a couple of days until his return from Manila attending non official business.
    For vice mayor Non undesirable activities: Since he was given a full authority to act as mayor during dong absence, he implement the SOP of 20% share for every civil and mechanical contract that goes to his own pocket. He has monthly waiting payola from June Balines the jueting operator in mambulao he is also the one collecting for mayor dong jueting share. Almost everybody in our place particularly in parang already aware of abrupt upgrading of NOn financial status as everyone knows that he was formerly jobless and just relying only from his wife income as a teacher in Parang.

  4. In addition to Non questionable style, he created a false information on what he reported that the rooftop of his parents in law's house where he stayed was sprayed by a bullet which he charge it to Tallado. Tallado just commented that who is Non that i will waste my time on doing it. What was really transpired was it was non who actually do the spraying para magkaroon lang ng issue siya laban kay tallado. Non financial status now is already change he recently purchased the house of his brother in law worth 700k he's now doing the repair and improvement of the house? question is where and how and what is his resources for just only almost 3 years sitting as vice mayor he was able to acquire this property where the salary of vice mayor is only 20k plus monthly?.......... can you investigate this Mr. Hernandez? or you just take it for granted since NON is mayor dong so called partner in undesirable operations.....

    1. thanks for your input ... i will ... and would be needing proofs ... the spraying of his former house - he denied it to me that he was behind it... if the culprits really wanted to do it, they know where to find Non and family... could have been carried out by disgruntled people with axe to grind .. Padilla is in m metro manila always chasing funding for the road and other projects ... so it would be understandable that he won t be able to be always in his office to attend the many people's concerns... regarding the jueting payola ...i talked to dong and aye lastg april regarding that ... and they denied to me straight all about it ... first of all padilla has been selling an honest governance and such allegations would easily negate this if they were true and backed by evidence ... i am keeping my fingers crossed. thanks padre if you can share with me your personal email, i wish to have it... it's better that we discuss our issued in private... mine is

  5. i mean hospital equipment not political equipment as i mention this is just a correction.

  6. Its a simple logic padre, why June Balines jueting operations in our place could not be stopped? is this fellow really untouchable that even the municipal officials of Jose Panganiban nor the police authority cannot even cease its operations? No doubt somebody in our place is tolerating this because of monthly payola. Vice mayor non yields of undesirable activities is the best evidence.... I will send other info in your email address as a respect of your request. Regarding with your Mayor Dong reply on his frequent absence in his office yeah its really true he is always attending his hospital equipment business this is the complain of people in our place not the chasing funds for municipal project as you know. It is an open book to mambulaoans that Padilla's clan are not residence of mambulao anymore they only desire to have a temporary residence if somebody from them want to run for a certain position like the case of Dong Padilla. Mahirap talaga mamangka sa dalawang ilog padre ok lang sana kung ang manila is just only adjacent sa mambulao kaso sadyang malayo kaya ayan tuloy laging wala siya sa opisina paano na kung nakacharge pa ang gastosin nito sa municipal budget dahil sinasabi na siya ay nasa official business burden na naman ito ng taong bayan ng mambulao. hay kawawang juan de la cruz ng mambulao....