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LATEBREAKERS: Larap airport to be resurrected, by PERCY A OSTONAL

New People's Army (NPA) imposition of "permit to campaign" fees. The NPA imposes their so-called "revolutionary tax” on businesses and individuals, an act considered by Philippine Government and its military as "pure extortion activities", to support their fund-raising. The Communists also target public officials or politicians for "permit to campaign" fees during election seasons. Such specific payment allows them to enter and conduct their campaign schedules safely, without interruptions and guaranteed full access to area residents, which are believed to be within insurgents’ jurisdiction and "control". The Philippine military-compiled reports from various NPA-infested regional areas indicated that today's average congressional candidates’ campaign fees are about P500,000 and P50,000 for individuals vying for the office of the mayor, P30,000 for vice-mayor’s position and P10,000 for Sangguniang Bayan. Depending  on the yearly income a province or city makes, officials running for governor, vice-governor, board members as well as city mayor, vice-mayor and Sangguniang Bayan aspirants are subjected to "graduated and percentage" fees to be determined by the local revolutionary commands. 
Very much aware and tactically-informed military planners are now implementing a “mass  presence” of soldiers in areas/places where political rallies will be held and make sure that "no grease money" transfers from politicians  to the NPA for the convenience of campaigning and meeting the voters personally.
Meanwhile, the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is implementing Internal Peace and Security Plan (IPSP). This opens up space for the involvement of the Filipino people in defining, shaping and ensuring the peace and security of the nation. The IPSP acknowledges that contribution of each and every government agency, civil society organization and even local community is a vital in ensuring peace and security.  (Inserts of information courtesy of Wilkipedia, the free encyclopedia.)
The bustling neighborhood of Parang these days … local voters will surely go for the “Performance Team”. - MWBuzzpic by ALFREDO P HERNANDEZ

2013 straw voting strenght in JP. Based on unofficial tabulation election results in Jose Panganiban in 2010, a second class town of 80,000 plus residents, registered voters numbering some 17,000 plus trouped to voting places and elected Mayor "Dong" Padilla against Yolanda Lim in an electrifying lopsided win of more than 6,000 votes -  the largest advantage recorded in the history of Mambulao politics. With a projected 20% increase of new voters for 2013 of about 20,000 plus total voters, our local reporter spoke with one of those defeated candidates for Sangguniang Bayan who said: “Hindi ko sasabihin kung anong partido ako sa ngayon, pero sa tingin ko, pukpukan ang labanan ni Vice-Mayor Ariel (Aye) Non at ni William A Lim aka Walim. Ang segurado ako, Larap at mga coastal baranggays ay kay Walim at seguro kung masusungkit pa niya iyong balwarte niyang dati specially Baranggay Plaridel and pick more votes dito sa pagpasok sa bayan, sa itaas ng Calogcog, baranggay Bagong-bayan, Osmena hanggang Bahay-Kalinga at kahit man lang 40% sa poblacion o kabayanan, Walim ay baka sakaling maka- UPSET win against incumbent Vice-Mayor Non. Sa ngayon, dominant ang lakas ng "Dong-Aye tambalan".  Eh, papaano po ang Baranggay Parang, bakit po hindi ninyo binanggit? tanong ng ating reporter.” “Amang, gwardyado po iyan ni baranggay chairman Relao para sa "Performance Team.”
Keep seatbelts fastened at all times. Pre-flight safety instructions and demonstrations on board  commercial airlines performed by flight attendants before takeoff  seems to be the only thing that JP residents are waiting for to hear and see as they travel to Manila by air thru the new Larap airport ,which has been predicted to re-open and operate in the next three years.
Classified as secondary airport, or minor commercial domestic airport  by the Air Transportation Office (ATO ) during the PIM heyday servicing both JP and Larap residents in the mid 50s through the 60s,  this airport only operated from sunrise to sunset because it did not have an Instrument Landing System unlike other bigger airport facilities around the Philippines.
The Larap airport was not fitted with the so-called instrument landing system or ILS, which is a ground-based instrument approach gadget that provided precision guidance to an aircraft approaching and landing on runway using a combination of radio signals and, in many cases, high-intensity lighting arrays to enable a safe landing during instrument meteorological conditions (IMC) such as low ceiling or reduced visibility due to fog, rain or blowing snow.
Philippine Air Lines turboprops, military personnel and small cargo aircraft and other small regional jets  then (mostly used privately  by PIM bigwigs, business and mining investors, foreign and local  tourists) used this airport before. Larap airport under CAAP, which replaced ATO, is currently considered UNCLASSIFIED as private airport/ airfield (ICAO code : RPUP) because of its non-operational status. Covering approximately 35ha and with existing 1,400m-runway, this facility is now being refurbished under the JP-LGU airport development program. Almost all the trucks and some heavy equipment of the maintenance and engineering department have been working on the old runway, our local correspondent latest report said.  Under the Local Government Code of The Philippines, Book-1, General Provisions, Title One-Basic Principles. Chapter -1 The Code: Policy and Application, Section-1 Title: This Act shall be known as LOCAL GOVERNMENT CODE OF 1991 hereby declares;
Section: 22 Corporate Powers (a) Every local government unit, as a corporation, shall have the following powers:
(5) To enter into contracts
(6) To exercise such other powers as are granted to corporations, subject to the limitations provided in the code and other laws.
C. Unless otherwise provided in this code, contract may be entered into by the Local Chief Executive  in behalf of the Local government unit without prior authorization by the Sanggunian Bayan concerned. A legible copy of such contract shall be posted at the conspicuous place in the provincial capitol or the city, municipal or baranggay hall.
D. Local government units shall enjoy full autonomy in the exercise of their proprietary functions and in the management of their economic enterprises, subject to the limitations provided in this Code and other applicable laws.
With applicable provisions of the law as stated above, Mayor Ricarte "Dong " Padilla, based on probability or presumption, can enter into a memorandum  of  agreement  (MoA) with any interested  Filipino-owned airline carriers in the Philippines to operate the new Larap Airport. Prior to said process, said air carrier may file with the office of the Director General of  the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines an application for an air operation certificate. If the Director General finds after thorough investigation, that such air carrier is properly and adequately equipped and has demonstrated the ability to conduct a safe operation in accordance with the requirements of the Civil Aviation Authority Act of 2008 specifically its rules , regulations and set of standards, issuance of such certificate follows. Optimizing the utilization and growth in air travel in Jose Panganiban and its neighboring communities  to Manila can best serve residents of town's transportation mobility in less than an hour, comfort  and convenient , anticipated increase in commerce/trade, local tourism accelaration and development and offer other socio-economic benefits at  the quickest time possible.
(Inserts of information courtesy of Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia - Instrument Landing System, the Local Government Code of the Philippines Website, Pre-flight Safety Demonstration by Wikipedia, Airports of the Philippines Website, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Website, Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) Website, Gov Tallado Website, Republic Act No.9497  (Creation of  the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines) website.)

Living to people's expectations. During  a regular Sanggunian Bayan session last March 4 , administration SB  member Carlos "Caloy" Taboada stood up on the floor and requested a five minutes privilege speech to the presiding officer (Vice-Mayor Ariel Non) and denounced what he felt  and described as "kind of integrity that's not acceptable" for an elected public official. Taboada, speaking eloquently in general terms, declared that "doing questionable non-meritorious business transactions with the public/ commercial sector or individual" is a despicably wrong and immoral. Such acts or orientations should not only BE STOP but MUST be prosecuted administratively under existing  law geared towards abusive public servants. Taboada spoke without mentioning name (s) but it was apparent that the message was clear and resounding to someone whom such statements were meant for.  Under the Local Government Code Of the Philippines, thiss ruling applies:  
Section 62  Notice Of Hearing
 (A.) Within seven (7) days after the administrative complaint is filed, the Office Of The President or the sanggunian concerned, as the case maybe, shall require the respondent to submit his verified answer within fifteen (15) days from receipt thereof, and commence the investigation of the case within ten (10) daysafter receipt of such answer of the respondent,
(B) When respondent is an elected official of a province or highly urbanized city, such hearing and investigation shall be conducted in the place where he/she renders or hold office. For all other local elective officials, the venue shall be the place where the sanggunian concerned is located.
(C) However, no investigation shall be held within ninety (90) days immediately prior to any local election and no preventive suspension shall be imposed within the said period.If preventive suspension has been imposed prior to the ninety (90) days period immediately preceding local election, it shall be deemed automatically lifted upon the start of aforesaid period.
Paranal air station clearing starts. Rehabilitation of Paranal Radar Station, which is adjacent to the former mining camp of the defunct San Mauricio Gold Mines Co has started, our local correspondent said. Platoon team leader Lt Elmer Barcinas, under instruction from his superior officer, Lt Col Augusto Vinzons- Gaite, PAF Tactical Operations Group-5 based in Legaspi city, relayed the message to JP municipal council saying that some of the construction and forest-clearing  paving heavy equipment  from Philippine Air Force construction and  engineering equipment have arrived. Meantime, our correspondent was given some briefing by one of the Sanggunian Bayan members, who personally spoke with Lt Barcinas.  Typically composed of two to four sections or squads and with less than 30 soldiers, this SB member said: “Si Lt Barcinas ay mahaba na ang leeg sa paghihintay ng mga sundalong darating dito sa  Paranal Radar Station, kasi sa ngayon skeleton crew lang sila sa bundok at sandamukal ang trabaho ang kanilang hinaharap.” ( Lt Barcinas has been waiting for quite awhile for the rest of the airmen/soldiers to arrive at Paranal Radar Station to help out . Small and barely skeleton crew facing lots of jobs on the mountain, this team is simply overwhelmed.)

Solid Vote: Mayor Dong, Vice Mayor Aye Non and Magnificient 7 plus 1  SB. Nakalaya baranggay chairman Froilan "Poloyloy" Maquiniana voved that never again will the LP provincial head Governor Tallado and his entire slate for JP Sanggunian Bayan as well as ex-mayor/ex-vice Mayor William Lim ( running as vice-mayor this time) have grant time coming back for election campaign sortie in his village. Our local reporter overheard a barrio mates of Maquiniana saying: Ang sabi ni kapitan, hindi nila mapapasok ang baryong  ito sa eleksyon, solido ito para kay Dong, Aye at walong kandidato sa Sangguniang Bayan. Lalo nila akong ginalit ng minsan ay dumaan dito ang grupo at walang pasin-tabing nag meeting dito sa basketball court … ni walang pasabi o kaya protocol man lang at invitation to join sa akin bilang head ng baranggay. (Baranggay captain chairman said: They will never have a chance at all getting the votes they want … this place will be all-out and rock solid for Mayor Dong Padilla, Vice-Mayor Ariel Non and  the eight candidates for Sanggunian Bayan. They really pissed me off when at one time they came here, had a barrio meeting without even giving me the courtesy of an invitation as baranggay captain.)

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