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MAMBULAOWATCH: Leday Aler: Pitching for more progress at Bgy South Poblacion

Leday Aler … promoting the nutritional needs of the kids at the day-care center.  

BEING the center of economic-business activities and host to the public market and transport terminal, Barangay South Poblacion would always be on top of the list during election time as the place "where pivotal political talks and  controversy" would matter most.
This year's election was no different from the previous ones.
And everyone had asked their kabarangays to support the bid for punong barangay of a particular hopeful, whether he/she was a seasoned politician or otherwise.
And whoever emerged the winner would be the subject of speculations – (what else is new?) among the members of that particular barangay – can he/she really do it?
Lack of leadership skill, training and experience, energy, public relations and so on ... and so forth -- these were the same pitch every politician hurled – towards Ms  Leday Aler, the winner the baranggay contest.
Outgoing barangay chairman Surec Barcoma and losing candidate Arsenia Avellana were of course on the frontline orchestrating the excessive criticisms.
They are all decent people in the community, noteworthy of praise for their respective remarkable contributions and unquestionable integrity.
But the people of barangay South Poblacion had spoken. They wanted a fresh leadership, new insights and new approach to bringing more progress to the community as a business hub in Mambulao.
And so, Ms Leday P Aler, who will take over the reins of the barangay as the new chairman, was prompted to issue this message to Mr Barcoma and Ms Avellana and their political supporters to clear the air once and for all:
“Hindi po madaling maghilom ang sugat ng politika … gagap ko po sa aking dibdib ang tunay na salitang pag-aabot ng aking mga kamay tungo sa muling pag-kakaisa, pag-kakaibigan, pag-kakapit-bahayan at pag kakamag-anakan dito sa ating minamahal na barangay.
“Hindi man po naging kanais-nais ang pagpapalitan ng ating mga kuro-kuro noong nakaraang halalan, hindi po tayo nawalay sa iisang adhikaing makatulong sa ating mga kabarangay.
“Umaasa po akong sa darating na mga araw ay muli po tayong magkikita at magkatulungan.  Maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat " 
Mr Fred P Hernandez, MWBuzz editor-in-chief and myself as MWBuzz co-founder, agreed in principle that whoever won this contest, deserved some space in our online new tunnel.
And so I requested an interview with Ms Aler.
Yesterday, November 2nd, I placed an overseas call and spoke with her. Here's our conversation:
Percy A Ostonal: "Hi Ms Aler, good evening. Si Percy Ostonal ito ng MWBuzz. Congratulations for winning the barangay chairmanship. 
"This is perhaps a surprised moment for you getting a call from me. I am asking your permission kung puwede kang ma-interview para sa month of November issue ng ating online news. Puwede ba?
Leday P Aler:  Aba'y opo. Please just address me as "Leday” po. Para sa ano po itong interview n'yo sa akin?
PAO: “It's all about what the list of things you'll do once you assumed the office of the barangay head.”
LPA: “Maraming salamat po at itinanong ninyo ito sa akin. Foremost and number one, with the sad state of our barangay hall – that is being dilapidated, dirty and health hazard to everyone, gusto ko pong ma I-prioritize to have it renovated.
In the Local Government Code Of the Philippines, may section dito na nagsasaad ng powers, duties and functions ng sangguniang barangay. Specifically iyong portion stating the “role of the barangay" as it is applicable to above project.
PAO: "Okey, I will have a look. Apart from this, do you have some "most urgent" issues you intend to present during your first barangay session with the newly-elected kagawad?
LPA: “Yes po … naging usap-usapan pong emotional ang presence ng ating Muslim brothers sa barangay. May mga ulat po akong natanggap na "once I took over" as punong barangay, things would change as far as their being residents here is concerned.
Unconstitutional po ito as far as I am concerned. When I learned about such accusation, I requested their leading figure "sadik" after their prayer time for an audience and fully explained that being Filipinos that we are, walang dapat  ikatakot ang sino man as we are one people. 
Sa bagong South Poblacion baranggay leadership, I will encourage everyone who are new to our place to join us and be a productive member of our community.
Dahil ang nutrition program po dito sa ating barangay ay nasimulan na ng aming ankan as our contribution to Mayor Padilla's health program for the kids, tuloy tuloy po itona gagawin natin as barangay project. 
PAO: During the campaign, your zero experience in public service was repeatedly questioned by your opponents. Now that you have been elected with nothing to bank on except your instinctive understanding of common sense and personal commitment, do you think it will be good enough for you to carry on and face politics the way it should be dealt with.
LPA: Unquestionably true po about my lack of political experience and training. I like to believe that leadership is a shared responsibility. Para sa akin po, ang   kakulangan ko ay mapapagpunuan ko sa mga susunod na panahon sa pamamagitan ng masusing pagmamasid, pag-aaral, pakikinig, pagtanggap ng pagpupuna sa aking magiging kamalian.
Ang yamang kaisipan ng mga kasapi/kagawad ng barangay South Poblacion and the people I will serve would be my guiding light and inspiration.
Maraming salamat po dito sa inyong interview sa akin.
PAO:  You're welcome, again congratulations!!!

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