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MAMBULAOWATCH: MWBuzz marks 2nd year, gets applause from readers


BE IT online or in print media, I have not seen too many mediocre hometown news outlets anywhere across the country that survived without advertisement.

As Jeff I Richards, PhD Mass Comm said: “Advertising is totally unnecessary unless you hope to make money.”

At Mambulaoans Worldwide Buzz or simply MWBuzz, preparing articles for the next issue, launching them all the way on the news website each time for the past two years ... (two years? Gee-whiz ... that long?) and earning no revenue from advertisement was insane!!.

Well, Mr Fred P Hernandez, editor-in-chief, founder and administrator and myself as co-founder, are not here for business proposition or profit.

As true natives of our town Mambulao, it has always been our heartfelt gesture of "giving back" to the place we called home and consider what we could do as a patriotic act. 

It was in November 11, 2011 when we launched the maiden issue of the first and only Mambulao online news and since then per record, our readership has grown from zero to 11,000 plus across the world over today .... bringing news updates from our town and people, local politics, JP-LGU, human interest stories, obituaries, celebrations, high school reunions and anything of importance to our readers.

As Mambulaoans Worldwide Buzz celebrates its 2nd year of founding, we would like to share with you some of the messages, comments, greetings or simple "hello " from our kababayans and friends from the four corners of the world:

"In behalf of my family here in California and in Jose Panganiban, we would like to congratulate MWBuzz on something more than reporting news, feature articles, community updates and events. Through the integrity, knowledge and enthusiasm, MWBuzz created a mere informed audience all over the globe where Mambulenos are based. We are proud to acknowledge the leadership and vision in the field of journalism. Congratulations again and more blessings in the coming years of community service.”

Ms Arlene Grace  Suzara
“Sulong Pangkabuhayan” donor
San Jose, California USA 

"Congratulations to MWBuzz on your 2nd founding anniversary -- trailblazing in your mission to connect our fellow JP kababayans seamlessly all over the world via print medium, you have successfully made the world border less by bringing in news from our beloved hometown to every corner of the world from Jose Panganiban to America, Europe, Middle-East, Canada, Australia and the rest of the globe … and as you move forward to your third year and onwards, we are likewise looking forward to more news and your sublime mission to keep everyone of us posted. Again, congratulations to a job well done ".
Matt E Espana
JPES ‘66, JPHS ‘70; president, Jose Panganiban National High School Alumni Association International (JPNHSAAI) 2001-07
Los Angeles, California USA

“Kahanga-hanga ang nagawa at ginagawa ninyong dalawa diyan sa MWBuzz with your community projects for the good of our town".

Winefreda " Winnie " Abad
Rome, Italy

On September 4, 2013, highlighting the check turnover of Php40,000 (an amount solicited from both local and overseas Mambulaoans by MWBuzz ) to Mayor Ricarte "Dong " Padilla  in support/partnership to Sulong Kabuhayan sa Kariton livelihood JP-LGU project, I would like to say: “How generous of you. Hope it really goes to the less fortunate and deserving Mambolenos".

Ms. Dolores Soriano Gloria Asedillo
Laguna, Philippines

"All these through the effort of MWBuzz editors Mr Fred P Hernandez and Percy  A Ostonal. The LGU of Jose Panganiban is very grateful to your support to local program generating income and employment"

Ms Kassandra Et Robin

"Kuya Percy, galling n'yo po!!! I love your perseverance and follow through. I hope our good intentions serve the rest of the deserving needy kababayan natin."

Ms Mary Fe Barcoma- Dearth
“Sulong Pangkabuhayan” project donor
Ohio, USA

" To Mambulaoans Worldwide Buzzz … happy 2nd year anniversary... Mabuhay!!!!! "

Mr Poloy Dimaunahan
“Sulong Pangkabuhayan” project donor
Saudi Arabia

"Through your Mambulao online news, MWBuzz, I was given me the opportunity to be re-connected once again with my long-lost classmates in high school. These two gentlemen, Mr Hernandez ( who was my JPHS classmate, batch ‘65 ) and Percy Ostonal have done tremendous job reuniting us online. MWBuzz is the best bridge ever to all Mambolenos across the world and for that, please accept my sincerest ‘thank you … happy 2nd year founding anniversary !!!!".

Noemi-Niebres- Vela
Connecticut, USA

"I am newcomer to your prestigious webpage and afraid I cannot justify in words the invaluable aid and pleasure you have been extending to your readers and fans as well as the benefactors of your charity. No doubt you're doing a great job in linking Mabulenos from whatever part of the world they are, you're making them feel connected with their land of nativity and with each other. It is wonderful that they continue to actively support your various altruistic campaigns ... they trust MWBuzz. Feeling inadequate to task let me just sincerely congratulate MWBuzz on its  2nd year founding anniversary for a job well done. We in JP as well in the province of Camarines Norte wish you continued success.”

Ms Beatriz Gonzales
Jose Panganiban, Camarines Norte

"Pareng Percy, ayos na ayos 'yang tulong na ginagawa ninyo ni Pareng Fred sa Mambulao through  MWBuzz … congratulations on your online news 2nd year founding anniversary !!!

Renato "Rene /Ato" B. Jimeno Sr.
Retired engineer, Las Pinas city, Philippines

"Ako po ay malugod na bumabati sa pangalawang taong anniversario ng MWBuzz. Tunay po kayong mga leader sa walang sawa ninyong pagtulong sa ating bayang Mambulao, kuya Percy at  Kuya Fred … mabuhay po kayo !!!!!".

Ms Lourdes " Dondin " Relos
Pioneer, organizer and officer - Mambolenos in North America (MINA)
Los Angeles, California USA

"Good day to MINA group. Congratulations on the 2nd year anniversary of MWBuzz for another year of helping/ serving the community. You are accomplishing your goal and for that, we the DIMAUNAHAN FAMILY congratulate you and keep up the good work ."

Mrs Elsie Dimaunahan
Pioneer, organizer and ranking officer -- Mambulao Multi-Purpose Cooperative (Mambulao on a Roll)
Jose Panganiban, Camarines Norte

"IT is such a wonderful feeling whenever I come across with MWBuzz. I am held to focus reading articles that just really interesting and amazing especially when you see the beautiful transformation of our JPCN town and how people elsewhere in the world do surprisingly come in the open expressing their admiration and appreciation for the fast changing beauty and additional surprising events that we learn first from MWBuzz ... Thank you to the founders, pillar and contributors of MWBuzz and I am so pleased that a classmate and dear friend Percy Ostonal is an active part of the continuing reign of this reading material … more power MWBuzz!!!!!!"

Ms Carmen “Mameng/Cams” Briones-Cagnayo, San Franscisco, California, USA

"Greetings to 2nd anniversary of MWBuzz!!!! Congratulations for a job well done. Intellectual and informative topics that everyone enjoys reading in your online news ... more power and God Bless . Thanks."

Maria Fe Pica
Los Angeles, California USA

"Pareng Percy, what Fred P Hernandez and you have done is truly laudable and should be appreciated by fellow Mambulawenos, be in the Philippines or abroad. Having said that, both of you captured the imagination of the many for the great community service to our town and people ".

Eddie "Ed" R Tarog
Jakarta, Indonesia

(JPES 1962 class valedictorian, JPHS 1966 class valedictorian, American Field Service (AFS) scholar, State of Pennsylvania, USA 1966-1967; cum laude, College of Business administration-marketing, University of The Philippines (Diliman, Quezon City) 1971; Harvard Business School-strategic in France (1993); Executive Development Program at Wharton School of Business, Pennsylvania USA (1998); senior vice-president and chief marketing officer at San Miguel Corporation (1996- 2000); marketing director, Unilever Philippines (Consumer Goods Industry - 1992-1996); management consultant at Satmarindo Group of Jakarta and currently the project director of PT Banten Energy, Jakarta, Indonesia.

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