Thursday, 23 January 2014

Baranggay drainage cleanup

 A baranggay worker just bored a hole into the concrete pavement to check an underground drainage canal. The market place drainage cleanup started just a few days ago.


THE drainage system at Baranggay Poblacion South in Mambulao, CamNorte, is getting a new lease of life.

The canal rehab exercise took off a few days ago, starting around the marketsite, with the underground drainage being cleared of rubbish and other debris.

Baranggay chief Leday P Aler told MWBuzz the cleanup was among the many concerns that reached her desk when she assumed office recently.

“Napabayaan lang po noon… so we have to work on it to prevent flooding in the area during heavy rains,” she said.

She said they have to dug up certain portion of the road within the market place to reach the underground drainage and have them  unclogged.

The next in line are the baranggay’s waterways and creeks that end at the Mambulao Bay nearby.

She noticed that much of the market place rubbish ends up in those waterways.

“We have to clear them too, to enhance the flow of water towards the sea when it rains,” Aler said.

She will shortly talk to the market vendors to consistently look after their rubbish as they attract flies that could spread diseases.

South Poblacion is home to the town’s market place and various business establishments.

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