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Interview: Kapitana Leday Aler talks projects at Baranggay South Poblacion

 Kapitana Leday with baranggay members working on the outpost.


TO BE fair and honest with the residents of barangay South Poblacion, Mambulaoans Worldwide Buzz aka MWB recently checked on how things were shaping up with Kapitan Leday P Aler's community leadership and performance so far.

I promised myself that a follow up would be made after the article "Leday Aler pitching for more progress (November, 2013 ) came out on the edition.

Below is the transcript of our phone chat last January 15:

Percy A Ostonal:  Hi, kumusta ka na Kapitana Leday? How's everything going at Baranggay South Poblacion?

Kapitana Leday P Aler: Naku, busy po at sa totoo lang, sometimes it's overwhelming, stressful and not easy to do things as you might expect. Tama po iyong sinabi ninyong "instinctive understanding of common sense and commitment" would support me in leading this premier baranggay place of ours to new heights of appreciation and recognition.

PAO: Rising to the top job at the baranggay - that is being the newly-elected chairperson of "new breed" -- perhaps you can tell me some of the things you've done initially to deliver your campaign promises.

Kapitana LPA: Ay opo. Inuna ko po ang repair and re-painting ng Baranggay hall to make it decent, presentable and more conducive to everyone. Toilets, water outlets and plumbing system were also fixed. Nagpalinis din po kami sa isa sa mga school building ng JPES tuloy complete re-painting.

May isang spot sa market area na matagal na pong  binabaha na hindi na aksyunan nuon, kaya this time, pinatibag ko po ang kalsada para magkaroon ng dadaluyan ang tubig na nakukulong.

I also asked donations from my family for two trimobiles para sa Barangay Tanod to speed up and deliver our immediate response team. Kailangan po natin ito sa mga emergencies and restoration of peace and order.

In as much as  budget allocation and realignment is necessary to cope up with current administrative and operational expenditures of Baranggay South Poblacion, ako po, sampu ng aking mga Kagawad, are working hard to see exactly where  the money has to be spent based on priority and impact to the community.

We are in coordination with the advisory council of the area, which comprises the three elected JP council member, namely: Councilors Aristeo Arenal, Diitz R Avano and  Pompee Guzman.

PAO:  For so short a time, you've done something worth emulating. "Sana, MWBuzz would have the same chance and opportunity to get similar performance updates from the rest of  26 barangay chairpersons of Mambulao so that we can inform the residents of that baranggay just like what we do in your case. Do you agree with me that it should be that way? After all, you and them owe to your fellow ka-baranggays your being at the helm of the baranggay unit

Kapitan LPA: Tama po, we are all accountable to our constituents.

PAO: Have you invited the Baranggay South Muslin community to give them an idea about your "one people in unity" concept? If so, how receptive are they when it comes to their participation?

Kapitan LPA: Sinubukan ko na po, pero hindi po sila nag-respond sa mga invitations ko and in fact, I attended their regular prayer schedules twice.

Though they were silent about my offer, they all remained respectful. Hindi rin po ako nakakalimot na sumaglit sa mga kapatid natin na nasa  ibang pananampalataya (Iglesia ni Kristo).

PAO: That's very kind of you. Working diligently to build up partnership with the different sectors of the community is a winning vision of leadership. Keep up the good  job Kapitana Leday. Again, I thank you for this interview.

Kapitana LPA: Maraming salamat din pong muli. Gagawin ko pong lahat ang aking makakaya sa ikabubuti ng Barangay South Poblacion.

Last but not the least nga po pala, puwede po ba ninyong iparating sa ating mga kababayan diyan sa America at Canada, lalong lalo na sa mga dating taga-baranggay South Poblacion na kung may mga still-usable rubber shoes silang nakatabi na lang, pinaglakihan o hindi na kailangan, marami po tayong mapagbibigyan niyan dito specially for children and senior citizens.

They can send their donation "Balik-bayan Boxes " addressed to me:

Ms. Leday P Aler
Baranggay South Poblacion
Jose Panganiban, Camarines Norte, Philippines

Everything they would be sending will be covered with 100% transparency and accountability. Maraming salamat po sa iyong tulong sa kawang-gawa.

PAO:  Isasama ko ang iyong request sa ating mga kababayan, Good bye and thanks again.

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 The Kapitana inspecting the unclogging of a drainage canal.

 Baranggay officials test driving the two new motorbikes donated to Baranggay
 South Poblacion by the Aler family.

The stonewall along the perimeter fence of the Jose Panganiban Elementary School that was given a facelift by the baranggay council. - Photos courtesy of MA LEDA P ALER

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