Thursday, 23 January 2014

Outpost set up at Bgy South Poblacion

                 Baranggay men working on a street corner watch post.


STREET corner outposts are effective in preventing crime.
That’s why the baranggay South Polacion in Mambulao, CamNorte has erected its first watch post to deter the occurrence of crime in the community.
Chairman Leday P Aler told MWBuzz that it was her first initiative for this year.
She told MWBuzz: “The setting up of a watch post was my immediate move to check rampant thefts and robberies in our baranggay.
“These cases were the biggest concern that came to my desk upon my assumption of office recently.”
Market goers are vulnerable to snatchers and holdup men that’s why the presence of baranggay tanod in the area at all times is vital, Aler noted.
The first watch post was erected at the intersection of Schnider and Maligat Streets in Purok 3.
“We used scrap wood materials from our old family house that we tore down recently … we still need some more timber materials such as coco lumber to complete the structure,” Aler said.
She said she was able to get a credit line from BKL Hardware to outsource some building materials.
But everything was on them – snacks, free labor and lunch and snacks for the workers.
Aler said baranggay officials led by Kagawad Ely Landagan and Reggy Santos – both retired soldiers – and some baranggay tanod provided free labor.
“Sa ngayon po, wala pa kaming pondo to spend on a number of projects,” she said.
Aler said alongside the watch post’s construction, she’s also unclogging the drainage pipes around the market area and clearing creeks and canals of rubbish.
She noted that the market site is one of the “most productive” spots in her community when it comes to rubbish, with most of it ending up in roadside canals and drainage system.
“We need to check this out (canals) on a regular basis because it could cause floods during stormy weather,” she said.
And also to maintain sanitation in the marketplace, Aler added.
South Poblacion is the home of the public market and also the town’s commercial district.

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