Saturday, 31 August 2013

Editorial No 2: Accountability and transparency

The "kariton" for income-generating projects. - Photo courtesy of Mambulao-LGU


AT ITS own initiative during the month of July this year, Mambulaoans Worldwide Buzz spearheaded a worldwide fundraising drive among Mambulaoans and friends to support the Mambulao-LGU’s Sulong Kabuhayan sa Kariton livelihood community project. 

We netted no less than 100% of the targeted P40,000. 

Within the second week of August, 80% (equivalent to P32,362.50) of said US and Canadian donations was wired to a local bank in Daet, CamNorte and  the remaining 10% (equivalent to P7, 533.00) from our OFW kababayans (from Saudi Arabia) contributions that was sent directly to our designated local and overseas donations coordinator-representative based in Mambulao, were combined and converted to a local bank manager's check. 

Despite funds-check availability for turnover ceremony, our designated coordinator-representative has difficulty getting in touch with Mayor Ricarte “Dong” Padilla these days. 

Several overseas calls and follow ups (thru PM at Facebook) made both with our coordinator-representative and that of Ms Cynthia Canoy’s (Office of the Mayor, Community Affairs Coordinator ) revealed that Mayor Padilla was on official leave for sometimes. 

On August 24th, Saturday 10.40pm, I had rare opportunity to get my PM to Mayor Padilla through with this message:

"Hi, Mayor Dong Padilla, kumusta kayo? I was told by my bayaw Caloy na you're on leave kaya hindi niya ma-i- turnover the local manager's check amounting to P40,000. Pareng Fred (Hernandez), Ms Arlene Grace Suzara, Ms Mary Fe Barcoma-Dearth and myself raised the money for the "Sulong Kabuhayan sa Kariton " livelihood project. 

“If you'll be home by next week, my bayaw will turn over the check to you. It's a great honor and privilege serving our town and people … mabalos!! -- kuya Percy” 

On August 25, Sunday, at 9.21am, I received this response message from Mayor Padilla: 

"Hi, Kuya Percy, kumusta kayo? Hope you are well and good. By the way, I will be going back to JP tomorrow afternoon, I will definitely call Kuya Caloy … anyway, let me extend my sincerest thanks to you, Kuya Fred, Ate Arlene and Ms Dearth for raising such valuable amount  that will surely be a blessing to its intended  recipients Again, thank you very much, mabuhay! “

On August 25th, Sunday at 2.28pm, this was reply to his message:

“Thanks, Hon. Mayor Dong Padilla. Truly, you're a man of honor and should be bestowed with great respect. Always expect us ... Pareng Fred and myself to be at your side knowingly, that your management and leadership style "ay kaiba at totoong malinis". God Bless you … Kuya Percy”

Latest updates: 

Mrs Rosenda " T'yang Rosing " Evangelista- Romualdo and family’s donation of P2,000, which should have been included (to make a total of P42,000) was turned over by her granddaughter, newly-elected JP council woman Ms Diday R Abano -- directly to JP-LGU only to be told to have it replaced as the payee should  have been: The Municipal Treasurer of JP-LGU. 

Mrs Romualdo flew to the United States the second week of August.

On August 30, Friday, 8.41pm, I sent a PM to Ms Cynthia Canoy (Municipal Community Affairs Coordinator ) asking for the latest updates as to "when possibly " Mayor Padilla could be available for the check turnover and here was her reply:

August 30, Friday 9.41pm:

“They (Mayor Padilla and Vice-Mayor Non) left 4 Legaspi City noong Thursday po. I have already talked to Kuya Caloy (Mr Carlos R Taboada, is the designated local and overseas Mambulaoans fundraising JP-based coordinator/representative-coordinator) yesterday. 

“May schedule na po sila with Mayor Padilla on September 5th. Hope the check turnover will happen by then. The amount will be deposited to the trust fund. Thanks. I might not be around on September 5th. I am … (vacation place ) bound. 

But I will advice the municipal information officer of the check turnover."

August 30th Friday 3.45pm:

I received an additional check by mail for US$60 from Mr and Mrs Ricardo “Ric” Espana, a Mambulaoan of Rego Park, New York, USA for his donation to the “Sulong Kabuhayan sa Kariton” livelihood community project. 

To date, at the present currency exchange rate of P44 to US dollar, it is worth P2,640.

To speed up money transfer, this amount will be sent directly via money gram to PNB (Daet)  JP-LGU Trust Fund Account this coming week.

Final notes: Instead of P40,000.00 funds mobilization drive target, MAMBULAOANS WORLDWIDE BUZZ core group not only made its 100% projection, but rather surpassed it 112%. (P44,640).

Our heartfelt and sincerest thanks to all our donors without them, such accomplishment will never be realized.

Dios mabalos po sa indong gabos.

Percy A Ostonal

Michigan, USA

(Core Group: Ms. Arlene Grace Suzara, Ms Mary Fe Barcoma- Dearth, Mr Fred P Hernandez and Mr Percy A Ostonal.)

 For feedback email: Percival Ostonal

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