Saturday, 31 August 2013

MambulaoWatch, By PERCY A OSTONAL

The Boardwalk at sunset … Mambulao Bay has a stunning sunset. – Photo courtesy of NOE CHRISTIAN S NOLASCO/Facebook 

Tourism directory for Mambulao  

IT'S HARD to imagine that our local government tourism programme is merely banking on Facebook and other social media networks instead of looking to some other ways such as printed brochures and magazines and the creation of information center that would disseminate our town’s great history.

What makes communities in the US economically sound and growing could be attributed 100% to its ability to "sell the full package" of what they have as ordinary and yet increasingly interwoven and intertwined special place to visit.

Blessed with natural beauty, our town's colorful sunset beyond a mountain and its bustling Mambulao Bay could be the scenic sites to emphasize on the tourism magazine’s front covers.

Accommodations, attractions, mode of transport and local produce shopping are all available. 

It is so important that Mambulao's "Mambulaoan's street dancing" depicting the olden days of our town and people, and most specially what Mambulao

was known for --- its abundance in gold --- should not only continue but rather be showcased. 

This story of our beloved community should reach the doorsteps of our nostalgic Mambulaoans, friends and relatives both local and abroad.

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