Thursday, 1 August 2013

‘Kariton’ livelihood fund drive: P40,000

THE overseas fund drive to help raise more money for the vendors’ livelihood projects in Mambulao is expected to turn over an initial sum of P40,000  to the local government.

The fund is soon to be turned formally over to Mayor Ricarte Padilla during a regular session of the Sangguniang Bayan.

Former SB member Caloy Taboada has agreed to hand over the check to the mayor.

The money was donated by Mambulaoans who are based in the US, Canada and Middle East.

More overseas “kababayan” including those in the Middle East have sent feelers they would like to chip in US$50 each.

They said they would like to help sustain the loan funding for qualified beneficiaries of the “Sulong Pangkabuhayan sa Kariton” launched recently by the Mambulao local government.

The fund drive was an initiative of online news and feature MWBuzz spearheaded by Percy A Ostonal, MWBuzz marketing director based in Michigan; Alfredo P Hernandez, MWBuzz editor-in-chief, of Port Moresby Papua New Guinea; Fil-Am Mary Fe Barcoma-Dearth of Ohio and Arlene Grace Suzara of California.

Under the “kariton” scheme, a qualified poor household is entitled to a P2,000 soft loan for livelihood activity such as selling foodstuff.

He is also to get a fully-outfitted push-cart through which he will sell his goods. A unit costs at least P9,000 to build.

The first 10 households who recently received the soft loan assistance had undergone a seminar on simple bookkeeping, records keeping and proper food handling.

They were also urged to present proposals for potential line of business, which could be refined and adopted as part of the livelihood program.

The beneficiary would decide whether to make loan repayment monthly or bi-weekly.

Based on initial daily sales monitoring, the subject vendor was netting P500 a day from his sales.

It is hoped that more and more poor families would be given the chance to operate their own income-generating projects.

Repaid loan capital will be rolled over to new beneficiaries.

Ostonal said the initial donation would benefit at least 20 new households who would have a chance to start their livelihood activities.

He praised one donor, Manuel Paa, formerly of Parang, for sending money more than what was asked of him.

"How generous Manny is ... iyan po ang isa sa mga pagpapakita ng tunay na pagmamahal at pagtanaw ng utang na loob sa bayang kinasgisnan .... he's giving back to the community just like the rest of our kababayan overseas who are receiving a windfall of blessings from the Lord."

Ostonal has been in touched with a number of US and Canada-based Mambulaoans to coordinate their forthcoming donations.

List of donors for the first batch of funds:

1) Mr and Mrs Manny Paa  (former residents of Baranggay Parang, Mambulao/ OFW Kingdom of Saudi Arabia )

2) Mr and Mrs Poloy/ Elsie Dimaunahan (Mambulao,/ OFW Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

3) Mrs Rosenda “T'yang Rosing” Evangelista- Romualdo  and family  (Mambulao, New Jersey ,USA )

4) Mrs Germilina "Nana Mena" Abasula- Ostonal Sra and family  (Mambulao, Toronto, Canada, USA )

5) Mr and Mrs Carlos  "Caloy" Taboada  and family (Nee: Priscilla "Precy" Abasula Ostonal) (Mambulao, Toronto, Canada)

6) Mr Jaime " JR " San  Andres JR ( Mambulao, New Jersey, USA )

7) Mr and Mrs, Ernesto "Ernie" Pena and Family (Baranggay Osmena, Mambulao / Pennsylvania, USA)

8) Mr and Mrs Thomas  "Tom" L Torres and family (Nee: Socorro "Corrine/ Coring "Macaro-Aler) (Mambulao, Los Angeles, California, USA)

9) Ms Mary Fe Barcoma- Dearth and family (Mambulao, Ohio, US )

10) Ms Rosalie "Neneng" A Ostonal- Reyes and family (Mambulao, Connecticut, USA)

11) Ms Arlene Grace suzara and family (Mambulao, Northern California, USA) 

12) Mr and Mrs Priscillano "Pong" A Ostonal and family (Mambulao, Toronto, Canada)

13) Mr and Mrs, Edgar  "Egay" Macaro-Aler and family (Mambulao, Northridge, California, USA)

14) Mr and Mrs Tristan U Barcelon and family (Nee: Larah Faye A Ostonal) (Novi, Michigan, USA )

15) Ms Evangeline Barcoma-Demasayao and family  (Mambulao, Saskatchewan, Canada )

16) Mr Alfredo “Fred/ Freddie” P Hernandez and family (Baranggay Parang, Mambulao, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea) Mambulaoans Worldwide Buzz Online News editor-In-Chief, founder and administrator)

17) Mr and Mrs Percival "Percy" A Ostonal and family (Mambulao, Michigan, USA) - Mambulaoans Worldwide Buzz Online News co-founder, advertising and marketing director)

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