Monday, 11 June 2012

LaPIMa donates to JP tech school


THE LaPIMA (Laking PIM Ako) will donate a welding machine and materials to the Roy Padilla Sr Technical Institute to boost its capability to train many out-of-school youth in welding job.

RPDSTI, which is based at Baranggay Larap, was established last year to provide skills training to the municipality’s growing number of jobless youths.

The good news was relayed to Mayor Ricarte Padilla by LaPIMa secretary Samuel Tatom in a recent email.

Alongside the equipment is another donation of materials related to the welding course worth P12,000, Tatom said.

Tatom said: “We decided to support you in our own little way on your burning drive to continue your program on your Community technical training center in Larap.” 

The initiative was finalized by the association at a recent LaPIMa Core Group Strategy Plan meeting attended by Ed Evangelista, who is the TESDA training consultant for Mambulao.

TESDA refers to Technical Education and Skills Development Authority which provides vocational and technical training to those who wanted to have a new line of trade or simply those who have no basic trade skills.

The authority has a training center in the town of Labo, CamNorte, offering various vocational and technical courses from automotive to computer technology.

On the other hand, the municipal training center offers three courses, namely basic welding course, basic baking course, building electrician course and sewing course.

Tatom said that LaPIMa would also find sponsors to support the institute through donations of funds to buy more equipment needed by the training courses such as lathe machines and materials.

The initiative to support Ricarte’s skills training program was first brought up by LaPIMa during an informal chat with the mayor last April just before the 65th general alumni homecoming of the Jose Panganiban National) High School on April 28-29, 2012.

LaPIMa had offered to channel some of its funds to the training institute in the form of equipment and materials.

It also told the mayor that the association would like to send its prospective scholars to the Larap institute, especially those who are from the Baranggay Larap.

This way, LaPIMa told Padilla, it (association) could save a lot in bus fares and living expenses for the new scholars it would be enrolling at TESDA in Labo, CamNorte.

Tatom said they are spending a total of P12,000 per scholar who takes the three-month course at TESDA-Labo. 

The money covers tuition fees, transport fares, board and lodging and pocket money, he told the mayor.

Responding to this, Ricarte thank the association, saying: “Maraming maraming salamat po … napakalaking tulong po iton ginagawa ninyo para as mahihirap na taga-Mambulao…”

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  1. Graduates should be Tesda certified to be competitive in search of jobs here and abroad. Hope this is not just a tool for political gains.