Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Laundry woman … A woman (left) gestures towards the camera when she learns that she is being snapped. Taken at Parang beach in one of the squatter shanties along the shoreline, the picture shows Carol Island in the background.  The beach is again having problem with rubbish pollution, caused by wastes from other coastal baranggays that have been swept in during high tide. Mayor Ricarte Padilla has been asking leaders of coastal baraggays to deal with rubbish in their areas responsibly, but to no avail – MWBuzzpic by ALFREDO P HERNANDEZ

Girl on the beach … This young girl, one of the many kids who would bathe in the murky water of Parang beach every morning, is having a ball with her Styrofoam fload-surfboard this morning. The bay water, which has been spoiled by indiscriminate dumping of mud and silt from several mining operations around Mambulao’s gold district, has been a part of her life … but what the heck … that’s all what she has got for now, but hopefully, not for the rest of her life. – MWBuzzpic by ALFREDO P HERNANDEZ

Chapel donation … Mrs Elvira P Hernandez, 85 (left), of Pasig City, hands over to Fr Joselito chavez, an envelope with P10,000 as her donation to help the "Ermita" (chapel) at Parang, Jose Panganiban buy a new set of sound system. Fr Chavez, who offers the Holy Mass at the chapel every Sunday, until lately had been looking for donors since December to help fund a new sound system that has been malfunctioning ever since every time it is used during service. Mrs Hernandez answered the call early last month when she came to Parang for a brief vacation at her ancestral family home. The money was turned over to Fr Chavez after the Mass on Sunday, May 27, 2012. Incidentally, the Feast of San Antonio de Padua falls on Wednesday, June 13. -  MWBuzzpic by HELEN P HERNANDEZ-HELEN CORTES


  1. Finally, the sound system of Ermita (chapel) in Parang, Jose Panganiban, has been replaced with a brand new set and the Mass held on the eve of the feast (pista) of San Atonio de Padua (June 12) as well as those that came the next day, - the Feast Day itsel -- went on without any hitch caused by a faulty mike or amplifier. Thanks to my Mom, Mrs Elvira P Hernandez, for seeing to it that the community has a functioning mike and speakers and amplifier during Sunday Mass service. Cheers! She came back to Pasig City yesterday, satisfied that she heard the priest very well during his Homily. The facility had been acting up since last December when Fr Chavez began looking around for potential donors who could help buy a new set. Nanay happened by early last May in parang for her yearly break at our ancestral home and learned of the problem when she attended a service one Sunday. She did not think twice to assist the Ermita, her chapel since the 50s.

  2. I love to see scenes like that of the top picture (laundry on clothesline) because i don't get to see one here in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. On the other hand, such a scene arose from where the Parang beach squatters sit along the shore and i have regarded these group of dwellers negatively with regards to keeping their surroundings clean and pleasant to look at. I wish there's really a solution to the rubbish pollution along the shore without having to remove these squatter shanties. I wish they could really do something positive about their household rubbish so it would not find its way to the beach where i used to play and swim in during my boyhood days.