Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Late-breakers by PERCY A OSTONAL

 A portion of the Parang-Larap road being cemented. - Photo courtesy of LGU-JP

Emerging "Bayanihan" spirits  way to go
IT IS heart-warming to know that the residents of baranggays Malapayungan and Calero have shown great deal of "bayanihan spirit" towards helping  the road cementing project of the current municipal administration. Report reaching Mambulaoans Worldwide Buzz indicates that folks in these communities have offered their labor "free of charge" in partnership with Mayor Dong Padilla's "progress in solidarity". More power to our "kababayans" from Malapayungan and Calero.

The “kalamansi” has become a new fixture in the local gold mining operations
Why "kalamansi" too expensive in J.P
WHO WOULD ever suspect that "kalamansi or kalamunding " these days would create an "incredible wonder” and “technological breakthrough” not only as food flavoring, popular drink, antiseptic, blood purifier as well as great natural deodorant alternative? (Just apply or rub it into your armpits after taking a bath and it will do its job wonderfully). A small, flavor-and-acid packed fruit that has a distinct citrus taste sometimes described as cross between lemon and mandarin orange, kalamansi has gone much farther from its traditionally known function. From average P20 to P30 per kilo two weeks ago, "kalamansi or kalamunding" now commands from P95 to P100 per kilo and is getting harder to find each day at JP’s vegetable market. Biggest suppliers from the province of Quezon and Batangas as well as that from Sipocot, Camarines Sur were all "scrambling " to get the larger share of the pie and have been to other neighboring places to meet customers’ demand for this "humble fruit”. Do you know why? Well, someone with fabulous and highly innovative mind introduced the use of its acid to find gold dust with their "pabirik"(panner). People currently using kalamansi juice believe that somehow , remarkable moments has finally arrived with lots of human and environmental advantages  to count with. “Asugi" or mercury has never been a real choice of any "magkakabod"  because it is costly and dangerous to humans’ health.
(Some information inserts were taken from: Rommel Bangit D315's Website, Market Manila by marketman website)

Dearth of carpenters willing to work in JP
IF EVER you are building a house or any building in Jose Panganiban, it is being advised to "import" carpenters somewhere else. Otherwise, you won’t  simply  find any carpenter willing to work for you. With the current legal daily minimum rate, carpenters or related skills would rather be gold panners earning P1,000 per day than work for eight hours under the sun for peanuts. Gold is everywhere in JP and can you blame them if they refuse to accept your job offer?

Drivers recognition day (May 5, 2012)
EXCEPT for the"kolorums" (non- registered) tricycle drivers, everyone joined the almost 1,000 plus colorful parade highlighting the First Drivers Recognition Day in Jose Panganiban last may 5, 2012. Mayor Dong Padilla and his administration  acknowledged the great contribution of this mode of transportation to the people of Jose Panganiban and its economic well-being. Each route has its own leadership organization and operates distinctly from others. 

Soaring numbers of  administration candidate  (applicants for councilors (2013 elections)
A FLASH report from reliable source said that some few dozens of candidate applicants for town councilors for 2013 local election are trying to "squeeze themselves in"  to the remaining three  spots under the Padilla administration ticket. The five same-political party-members re-electionists SB Aristeo E Arenal, Romeo M Arena, Sarah Marie P Aviado, Carlos R Taboada and Felino M Schneider IV are almost assured of inclusion. It is apparently not that easy picking up someone from the pool of qualified candidates as its titular head. Mayor Dong Padilla seems taking his time to decide and making 100% sure that his final slate and recommendation from  political advisers, allies, vice-mayor, council's partymates, immediate relatives and community elders are all but one. It was said that individuals of various professions, careers, job experiences, ages and gender are among the many applicants. Transparency, accountability, good governance, honesty, humility and respectful constituents, social services , infrastructure projects, resourcefulness, LGU accessibility , concern  to everyone and  lastly, ZERO TOLERANCE for graft and corruption summarize the mindset of the Padilla- Non tandem. "Serbisyo sa Tao Alay sa Diyos" (Service to our people is our offerings to God) is their battle cry. Latest highlight: A whole family clan with more than 30 from Baranggay Bagong Bayan recently pledged their political affiliation and support to mayor Dong Padilla and his administration. They were once with the other "political camp". 

If you can, I can do the same
UNKNOWN to non-residents and overseas "Mambulaoans", our brothers and sisters from the hinterland, which we had known (during our younger years in Mambulao) as "kabihog or aetas" are equally into the same livelihood grind with everyone these days. Remembering those years in the 50s and 60s – for them to survive and feed their families, they came down from their mountain lairs with wild boars, birds, “bayawaks”, “uways", “kangos”, “kamotes”, “saging”, “papaya”, "pakos”, “bayabas”  and "limurans" in exchange for Argo laundry bar soap, rice,  colorful clothing for women and children, sharp bolos and spears (for hunting purposes) candles, "calderos", Cortal tablets (painkiller) and of course "Sioktong” (a wine) or “Marka Demonyo" (gin). Without doing their native tribal dance (once they got tipsy) their long journey to the lowland would never be complete. Aside from attending regular basic education, our brothers and sisters are now engaged in small-scale mining to earn a living just like any regular "magkakabod”. They are much aware of the prevailing prices of gold in the marketplace at any given time.

JP prices for basic foodstuff
IF YOU been away home as OFW, or has settled in foreign land or live somewhere in the Philippines, will you not be anxiously enough to know how's your current earnings, retirement pensions, time deposits, stocks dividends, investment returns from your company's 401k or just pure savings can cope up with food prices in Mambulao if your ultimately choices settling back home ? A relative of mine recently gave me the following information and here are some of the very latest items and prices:

One sack of rice, 25 kilos first class "denurado" - P1,150
Fresh, big size of galunggong-- P100 TO p120 per kilo
Fresh small size of galunggong- P80 per kilo
Bangkulasi fish, fresh -- P250 per kilo
Turingan fish, fresh --P200 per kilo
Tangigi, fresh -- P250 per kilo
Gulay na “pako” P8 to 0 to P10 per bundle
Kangkong  “puting tangkay” -- P7 to P10 per bundle 
Just like everyone back in JP, it is so critical to discuss the price of electric power because barely,  according to the information source, price per kilowatt is not feasible to determine in the DARK -- brownout kadalasan kasi.

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